Green Tea and Caffeine

Getting Less Caffeine from Green Tea

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When you hear about green tea, things like antioxidants, weight loss, caffeine, health benefits come to mind. There are numerous benefits derived from green tea. Caffeine, though, may not really be suitable for most green tea drinkers. They could have some objections when it concerns drinking tea due to insomnia, which can be induced by green tea’s high caffeine content.

Good thing there is a better way of drinking green tea without going through the effects of caffeine or simply minimizing it.

Tip # 1 – Drink in moderation

It is a fact that a cup of green tea has caffeine level of around 20-70 milligrams. With this sort of caffeine in your diet, it’s guaranteed to keep you alert from dusk till dawn when your body isn't accustomed to drinking this much dosage. Best advise is to ingest little doses at a time and try observing your reactions. Begin with one cup a day, then, if things still feel fine, step-up bit by bit. Each time you increase, observe carefully for some adjustments in your body. When you feel restless and slightly annoyed, then you may decrease to the degree that your body can permit. If you're taking it in your meal, and you are feeling more tranquil and content, green tea is for you.

Tip # 2 – Know your tea

There are various kinds of green tea, Different types mean different degrees of caffeine. It's expressed by researchers that, the kind of tea leaf utilized, the more caffeine it can create. You can not identify caffeine levels through color.

Tip # 3 – Brew only in half strength

A really fine solution for caffeine intolerance. To control your dose of green tea, you are able to decide to buy loose green tea to permit you to adjust the method of brewing. The conventional loose green tea brewing is at the least 2 teaspoons. You can cut the dosage in half. If you discover the effect is weak, increase it gradually.

Tip # 4 – Drink it while it’s hot

Cathechin, the one that carries powerful antioxidants and theanine, supplies sweetness and freshness. These can both bring down the degree of caffeine action in the body. Brewing grants the molecules of catechin and theanine to blend together with caffeine in high temperature. This would make caffeineless effective. When you allow your hot green tea to cool down after brewing, the molecules that's attached with caffeine will breakdown, giving up caffeine.

Tip # 5 – Avoid teabags

Unlike loose green tea leaves,  tea bags can not give you adequate nutrition, hence, giving you a lot of caffeine in the process. Quality goes down with teabags. Its better to opt for green tea leaves that are loose.

Tip # 6 – Be aware of your tolerance level

A lot of experts would recommend the intake of not more than 300 milligrams of caffeine each day. Green tea has been found to offer a stable and gentle source of stimulation. Side-effects similar to headaches and nervousness might be felt.

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