Ministering with others

Many Christians know that ministering to others can be a wonderful experience both for them and for God. The Bible tells us to go out into the world and spread the good news of the Gospel to everyone. The problem arises when Christians actually confront others who aren't saved and can't find the words to say or how to effectively minister the Word to them. Here are some things I have used in blessing others with the good news and how you can be more effective at ministering with other people.

Ground yourself

Before we will ever win others to Christ we have to first be firmly grounded in the word. Many new Christians will be excited and want to get out into the world and preach the good news, but since they are new they themselves have to have time to grow in their relationship with God. It's like seeing a teenagMinisteringCredit: Wikimedia Commonser excited about driving a car for the first time and then they go out and try to teach someone else. They are inexperienced and unable to effectively perform what they are trying to teach. In the same way I encourage you to first grow in your own relationship with God and ground yourself in the Word and then when confronted with the real world and others it will be effortless to minister instead of being at a loss for words.

Have a real relationship

Having a real, firm, solid relationship with God is foundational and important when trying to minister to others. People are going to ask you questions and if you don't know God very well then you will be ineffective in preaching the Word and giving your experiences because you are talking about someone you don't know. Know God first and have a solid relationship with Him and then He will give you words and wisdom to speak that nobody can resist or contradict (Luke 21:15). God speaks to His children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if we are having problems hearing from Him we have to work on our relationship first before trying to get others saved.

Knowing the truth

One very dangerous thing we can do if we aren't solid in the truth of the Word is start mixing the Bible with religion. Religion is a terrible thing and Jesus himself spoke against it because religion is man-made. Religion teaches dangerous false ideas like God is angry with us, God hates us, we are condemned if we sin, we have to ask for forgiveness each time we sin, and the list goes on. These teachings are completely false and if we don't know the truth of the Word we may believe that and spread lies to others who don't know Christ. Dive into the Word, get to know God and who He really is which is love and total peace, and then extrapolate that with your words and your ministry to others.

Make disciples, not converts

I hear many ministers and people brag about how many people they have brought to the Lord, but is this really the goal? From the statistics that I see the vast majority of people are "converts" and not "disciples" in that they accept Christ, get excited for a week, Preaching the gospeland then fall from the faith and renounce their faith or forget about God. This is NOT what we should be aiming for. It's really a true saying that we want quality over quantity. People who are trained as disciples are going to be much more effective at going forth to continue to win others to the Lord, so you are much better off ministering to a few people and really giving them the Word so it is solidified in their faith instead of preaching to the masses.

Trust in yourself, and God!

You have to have confidence in yourself and in Christ in you. Too many times we become self-focused and self-conscious about our abilities or talents when really we need to be Christ focused and have an attitude of who Christ is. When going out and ministering to others you should go forth in confidence knowing that God loves you and He is always with you wherever you go (Joshua 1:9). God will give you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, direction, and guidance in where you go and how you minister. Trust that the Lord will show you the right scriptures and words to speak to others, and you will become effective in your ministry to other lost people.

I know from personal experience how a strong relationship with God and me keeping my eyes on Him enabled me to minster and I was an introvert! I couldn't talk to people without sweating and turning beat red in the face and yet God has used me in tremendous ways to set people free. It's not about my abilities, talents, and gifts, but instead it's the knowledge that I know God loves me and I just extend what I receive on the daily basis from Him out to others. Become Christ focused and know you are loved and that love from God will enable you to speak clearly and effectively to others

Holy Spirit

In the end your words inspired by the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts and it's His touch that will affect their lives. Trust that God can use you as a vessel to preach the good news of His Word, and you can go forth in confidence knowing that you have the ability to minister to others. How you will minister will be in different ways, through song or preaching, but know that no matter what you do God will bless the work of your hands (Deut. 28:12) and always cause you to be successful. Go forth into the world and preach the good news, knowing that God is right behind you opening those doors and giving you those words to speak to the people who don't know Him.