How To Mix An Old Fashioned

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Have you been watching a lot of Mad Men lately? Have you had an inkling to learn how to mix an Old Fashioned and drink in the classy style of that forgotten time? Well you're in luck! The Old Fashioned cocktail was one of the most famous mixed drinks out there, and it is a really tasty one! You should note that this is a very alcoholic drink, and as the facilitator of the Old Fashioned drink recipe I hold no responsibility for inebriated debauchery that may ensue from over consumption of this tasty little treat. 

This article is intended to teach you a little bit of the history of the Old Fashioned cocktails, and then educate you on a few methods for how to mix an Old Fashioned for yourself! Remember that there is no exact science to mixing an Old Fashioned drink recipe. If you don't like one ingredient, feel free to substitute it for something else (though be sure to change the name or add an addition to reflect these changes... we don't want to go confusing people now!) 

Let's get started learning about how to mix an Old Fashioned!

How To Mix An Old Fashioned: History

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Before we get on to the Old Fashioned drink recipe, I should talk about the history of this reknowned drink, particularly the name. It's known as the Old Fashioned cocktail in large part because it's one of the very oldest mixed drinks out there. It's so old that the tumbler used to concoct it is called an Old Fashioned glass to this day. 

The Old Fashioned cocktail was created in Louisville, Kentucky, but popularized after it was brought to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. It requires the use of sugar, bitters and a liberal dose of one of several different alcohols, including whiskey or brandy. 

The drink has fallen out of favor today as the popular taste has moved away from bitter flavors and on to more sweeter drinks, cocktails and shots available at bars today. The Old Fashioned cocktail isn't meant to be downed rapidly, it's something to sit and enjoy slowly. Like most drinks of this variety, it's an acquired taste; stick with it, it will grow on you!

How To Mix An Old Fashioned: Recipe

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The Old Fashioned cocktail drink recipe isn't too difficult, but you need to be sure to do things in the proper order and with the correct proportions. First let's go over the ingredients you will need. (The following is for a single drink!) 

40 ml. or 2 oz. of bourbon, rye or scotch, depending on your particular taste

Two or Three splashes of Angostura bitters

1 sugar cube

Soda water

Lemon Peel and Orange Slice

Maraschino Cherry

Now for the Old Fashioned cocktail recipe: Place the sugar cube in the bottom of the Old Fashioned glass. Pour the bitters over the sugar cube and let it saturate it. Add a bit of soda water. 'Muddle' until the sugar is dissolved. Add 2 ice cubes, and add whiskey or bourbon. Add orange slice, garnish with lemon peel and maraschino cherry. 

There you have it! That's an Old Fashioned cocktail recipe. 

There is some debate as to what is allowed in an Old Fashioned cocktail recipe. Some purists believe that even soda water has no place in an Old Fashioned cocktail, while others will spruce up the recipe according to their tastes by adding Sprite or similar citrus-flavored carbonated beverages. You also have a choice to make regarding the alcohol used. Some prefer using rye due to its complexity, while other will use bourbon or whiskey instead. 

The truth is, there isn't a wrong way to learn how to mix an Old Fashioned. Experiment and find something that's suitable to your own taste buds. Try out the original first and go from there!