Wordpress is an open source content management system. Wordpress uses PHP and MySQL. Using Wordpress, you can make a website. There are two types of Wordpress you can use, Wordpress.org and Wordpress.com.  In this article, I will show you how to monetize your website on both platforms.


Wordpress.com is the free version of Wordpress. People can make websites on Wordpress.com for free. Roughly 50,000 websites are being made on Wordpress every day. When monetizing a website made on Wordpress.com, you have a few issues. Wordpress does not allow advertisements, on free Wordpress blogs. They recently created an advertising program called WordAds. This program allows certain websites, to display ads and get paid. The requirements for this ad program are very vague. This is why I recommend not counting on WordAds for revenue. If you apply and get accepted into the program, than it is a bonus for you, but assuming you don't get in, there are a few other ways to earn money.

  You can have affiliate links on your website. This can offer a great way to make money. By using affiliate links, you can earn money. When you write a post on your website, you can put a link leading to a product. When someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you can earn money. This is a great way to earn money. By adding these links to your content, you can earn money whenever someone purchases a product. 

   Amazon has a great affiliate program. They give affiliates up to 15% commissions when they sell a product. Amazon makes it very easy to implement their affiliate program into your website. Google also has a great affiliate program that can also be implemented into your site. Using affiliate programs, you can make a lot of money. I have found that about 1-10% of the people who click on an affiliate link end up purchasing the product/service meaning that if you post an affiliate link and 100 people click on it, chances are that at least 1 person will buy the product/service, allowing you to make money.

Another way to make money with Wordpress.com websites is to charge money for posts. People are willing to pay to have you write a good review about their product/service on your site. Using brokers such as payperpost.com you can earn money by writing posts on your website. Depending on the popularity of your website you can make money. Some people will pay upwards of 100 dollars for you to post on your website a good review, while others will pay less than 1 dollar. It all depends on the popularity of your website. If you have a popular website, you may be able to make a lot more money.


There are more ways to earn money using a Wordpress.org blog. Wordpress.org does not host a blog for you like Wordpress.com does. In order to have a website using Wordpress.org software you have to purchase the domain and get your own hosting. This can cost you a little money. One can usually purchase domains for around 10 dollars a year, and hosting can also be purchased for about 10-50 dollars a year. When you use Wordpress.org you are taking the software and implementing it on your website. You can modify the software, which allows you to post any type of ad on your site. This gives you the opportunity to use Google Adsense and other conventional ads as well as affiliate links and affiliate ads. By using Wordpress.org instead of Wordpress.com, you are opening up your site to more monetization tools. You can use any type of ad with a Wordpress.org implimeted site. You are not limited to affiliate links.