Sometimes parents need to monitor their teen's driving. This is not going to be something that all parents need to do nor is it something that parents should do constantly, but it is sometimes necessary and useful for parents to track their teens with GPS.

There are a couple of reasons that this is the case:

  1. Teens have the highest incidence of fatal car crashes among various age groupings
  2. Teens are constantly being influenced by their peers, making them dangerous drivers when you aren't in the car with them but there friends are
  3. Teens generally drive very well when their parents are with them in the car, it is when they are by themselves that accidents and reckless driving occur
All of these issues that teen drivers face can be easily remedied by the installation of a GPS tracking device in their car. By installing this device you can use this information gathered by it to help you monitor their driving when you are not in the car with them.

What having a device will do for you is create a driving experience for your teen that is a lot like the one you have when you actuallyare in the car with them. If you can do that, you can create some safe and wise driving habits in your teenager.

Things You Will Need

There is actually very little that you need to monitor your teen's driving with a GPS tracking device that you don't already have. In fact, the only thing that you are really going to need to make sure that you have is a GPS tracking device.

Actually, your teen might already have a GPS enabled device that will let you monitor their driving in real time and they carry this device with them at all times. What device is this, you may ask - its their cell phone.

Cell phones, if your carrier offers a tracking plan, are a great way to monitor anyone's driving. They are small, portable, and they are almost always on your teenager.

If you don't have a cell phone for your teen or your carrier doesn't offer a tracking plan you can always purchase a device that is used specifically for the tracking of cars - like the Zoombak or something from Brickhouse Security. These devices will probably cost you anywhere from $200-$500, but they could be worth it for you and your family if they can keep your teen alive.

In addition to the tracking device, you are also going to need a computer with access to the internet. Most families already have this, but if you don't you can always go to a public library to acess these.

Step 1

Talk with your teen about safe driving practices. Your teen should know what it means to drive safely and how to drive safely before they ever get on the road. It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure that this happens.

Step 2

Show your teen how to drive safely. Most people learn by example, so making sure that your driving habits are up to code is important if you want your teen to drive well too. If you speed, run stop signs, and change lanes without signaling what do you think your teen is going to do?

Step 3

Give your teen some responsibilities in driving. Driving is a great power and with great power comes great responsibility. Give your teen some responsibility that they are in charge of now that they can drive, it will make them more useful and teach them a good life lesson in the process.

Step 4

Tell them about the tracker and the rules associated with it. A teen should know that they are being tracked with GPS. Tell them such in a way that accentuates the positives of the system.

Step 5

Monitor their driving on your personal computer. Most tracking services will allow you to log in to their website and see the records of your teen's in an interactive map - much like Google Maps. You will need to check this out.

Step 6

Reward or punish your teen as required. If your teen is doing well, reward their good character. If your teen is doing poorly, punish them.
In the end, monitoring your teen's driving with GPS tracking is about safety. Be a good parent and ensure that you are giving them the help they need to make wise decisions.

Tips & Warnings