Decorated Tree

It's always fun when the time comes to shop for a fresh Christmas tree. Whether you anchor it to the roof of your car or have it delivered, the anticipation of seeing it and smelling it's fragrance in your home is unique. So often a Christmas tree comes into the house and is placed in it's stand and in its final resting spot, ready to be decorated. But how can you decorate the opposite side of a tree when it's close to a wall or window? A little advanced planning is the solution. These tips will allow you to place an average-size tree away from walls and windows where there is space to walk around it to decorate. Then, when you are done, move it into the ideal position in the room.

Things You Will Need

• Plastic/scatter rug
• Rigid cardboard or wood

Step 1


Place a shag scatter rug, fuzzy side to the floor. The rug should be larger than your tree stand, but small enough to be hidden under your Christmas tree skirt. Place a similar size flat, rigid cardboard or wood piece on top. 
Leave just enough room between the rug and the wall to accommodate tree branches and room for you to pass through.


Place a heavy plastic tarp on the floor away from walls. In the center, place a flat, rigid cardboard or wood piece over the plastic.

Step 2

Examine your tree stand to be sure it is the right size for your tree and none of the legs are damaged. Center the stand on the rigid cardboard or wood piece. All the legs of the tree stand should be supported by the cardboard or wood. Add the tree to the stand and secure it. Do not add water to the stand at this point.

Step 3

Decorate your tree. After you've added lights and ornaments, use the rug (for hard floors), or plastic (for carpeted floors) to slowly and carefully slide the tree into position. Once in place, add water to the stand.

Step 4

When the holidays are over, and it's time to take down the tree, start by removing water from the stand. Not watering the tree for the last two days before it will be removed from the house is a simple way to make the stand lighter and easier to move. Just be sure the tree doesn't dry out completely which is one of the causes for so many home fires during the holidays. If you've recently watered the tree and there is still a large amount in the stand, you can use anything from coffee cups to soup ladles to scoop out the water. Once the stand is empty, slide the tree away from walls or windows to make it easy to remove decorations.

Step 5

Save your plastic or scatter rug and rigid cardboard or wood pieces with your Christmas decorations to be used again next year.

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Tips & Warnings

Dry Christmas Trees Create Fire Hazards.