When something happens that knocks the wind right out of your sails, the best thing to do is get up, brush yourself off and get right back to doing what you most enjoy.

Things You Will Need

A strong desire to let cooler heads prevail.

Step 1

For instance, if someone slams you on an internet forum or hurts your feelings out in the real world, getting mad hurts you much more than the person who inflicted the pain.

Step 2

Anger is a strange emotion. When we can channel our anger into something useful and productive, it can serve us very well indeed. On the other hand, when we let our anger burn a hole in our insides, it serves no one at all, least of all ourselves.

Step 3

Learn how to gain control of your anger rather than allowing it to take control of you. Show your anger who is boss, in other words. It really can become a tool for you, if you allow it.

Step 4

Should you "embrace" your anger? Well, to a certain extent it can help for you to "make friends" with your anger, or if not "friends" exactly, then to "let your anger know" the ways that it can be of use to you.

For example, some people channel the negative energy of their anger into their workouts. If she is angry at someone from work (or at anyone else) she pours that anger into her workouts and ends up getting way more out of her workouts than when she is feeling calm.

Tips & Warnings

So, the next time you feel angry, why get mad when you can "get even" -- or perhaps do even better than merely "getting even" -- by getting in a killer workout or being even more productive than usual at work. After all, what better way is there to "manage anger" than to use your anger to your own advantage? If you are interested in reading more articles about personal development, you may want to read this one, as well as this one.