As writers, we all have issues of what to write about sometimes. After writing various things, it can be hard to constantly come up with new, unique, and interesting topics. Writer's block is common and is something that can be beaten. I have actually just gone through a period of writer's block and I have a few tips that will help you to move through it. It is tough but once you start back writing after defeating a writer's block, you will not be able to stop! Here are three tips to help you push through it.

Tip #1: Ask friends and family

Many of us interact on a daily basis. Why not ask your friends and family members for a few ideas? I find it hard to sit down and write a list of topics by myself. Of course, in the beginning it is easy to come up with 50 or so ideas. But once you write about those topics, what next? It suddenly becomes an issue of writing unique topics. When I first began writing, I wrote about many general topics that did not have an ounce of uniqueness to it. For that reason, I began to ask my friends and family for topics. I have over 50 unique topics that are taped up on my wall and ready to be written. Friends and family are a wonderful source to help you push through that writer's block.

Tip #2: Search the internet

By this, I do not mean plagiarizing another's work. I am referring to searching the internet for what is popular in the search engines. You can use websites such as Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzz for your reference. If you write about a topic that is extremely popular, do not expect to have many views after the popularity dies down. These types of topics can be used to bring a burst of traffic to your articles or site, but do not expect long time results. If you do not want to write about a "hot search of the day", you can pick a topic that interests you and search the internet to see what is already written about it. Once you do this, you will be able to write about this topic from another angle. It is best to write from an angle that no one has written before. Research is an important part of defeating writer's block.

Tip #3: Do not give up!

It can be very hard and discouraging to see that your site or articles are not getting good enough views. This situation can sometimes cause a writer's block. If you are tempted to throw in the towel, please do not do it. Writer's block is absolutely temporary and you can push through it. Do not allow it to cause you to stumble! Get back up and get back to writing! Once you make it through, I am completely positive that you will begin writing about amazing, unique topics that no one has ever thought before.

I can admit that writer's block is an extremely difficult period for any writer. Composing pieces for the internet is a very hard thing to do and is almost like a competition. For this reason, writer's block can cause issues if you want to be able to make it to the top of the search engines. My advice is to keep writing, search the internet, and ask family and friends for topic ideas. Once you do this, you will be able to defeat writer's block and write more than you ever thought you would.