Many apartments have sufficient space in every room. However, when it comes to the bathroom, sometimes they can be a little short on space. And if you want to get more space out of your bathroom shower there are a few techniques you can use. So whether you want to create your own spa or you just want a well functioning shower, we have listed some great ideas that you can use to maximize the most space out of your bathroom.

Change Your Bathtub

The first thing you can do on your list is to change your shower-head in your bathroom. By switching out the standard shower head in your bathroom, and installing a massaging hand held, or even a rain shower, this can greatly make a difference. Luxurious shower-heads like these will give you a much more enjoyable experience. To be more specific they offer a wide shower spray and have other adjustable settings which you can tailor to the feel you enjoy the most.

You can visit you local home improvement store will have plenty of options for you. Pricing usually starts around $20 and goes up. The installation process is pretty easy, and all you will need is a pair of pliers. Be sure and ask your landlord or apartment manager if its ok if you swap out shower heads. Usually if you put the old one back before you move out, you won't be penalized.

A Little Remodeling

The next step you can take is to add some shelves and hooks that will allow you to arrange you bathroom products in an efficient manner. You can arrange the setup however you would like. Its an easy way to keep your shampoos, soaps, and other products in a neat arrangement.

If you are someone who likes to shave in the shower, you may find a shower mirror may come in handy. With one of these mirrors, you will find that shaving is a breeze.