Many people use Twitter for Internet marketing. Regardless of whether you are using Twitter to communicate with your audience or you're simply using it as a tool to drive traffic to your website, you can get a lot more response from your Twitter account by optimizing it. Here are some tips on how to optimize your Twitter account

Twitter Profile Information

It's amazing how many people I see trying to use Twitter to drive traffic to their websites but they do not have their profile information filled out. Once you sign up for a Twitter account the very first thing you should do is fill out your profile information.

Twitter Header

You need to ensure that you upload a header image. You can also make your header image associated with your niche. If you have a Twitter account and you specialize in selling e-books on how to start your own lawn care business, then you can have your header image filled with a picture of a freshly manicured lawn, a lawnmower, a baseball field perfectly manicured etc. you also need to upload a profile shot of yourself for your Twitter account.

Relevant Tweets

You need to write and share tweets that are relevant to your niche. If your niche is selling “how to start your own landscaping business” books then you need to make your tweets associated with all of the things that are related to that niche such as new lawnmower reviews.

Many people make the mistake of signing up for Twitter and then the only time they ever post anything is when they post a link to an article that they wrote. If this is the only time you use Twitter then you are missing out on some awesome traffic potential that could be had. You need to build a relationship with your Twitter followers, but if the only thing you're posting is links to an article occasionally then you're not going to get any followers and the random few strays that you do get to follow you will tend to gloss over your Twitter link post and never see what you share with them anyways.

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Post Tweets Daily

On your Twitter account you should be making 6 to 8 tweets per day. Your Twitter postings do not have to be very long (and can’t be long anyways) and you do not always have to link out to something but it is vital that you make 6 to 8 posts a day. You can have one post that links out to an article that you wrote and you can re-tweet 3 to 4 other posts of somebody else on Twitter. For the remaining ones write relevant information that is interesting and will help inform and educate your target audience whom follow you on Twitter.

Twitter Success

If you follow the tips above then you will become a successful Twitter user over a period of time. Don't fall under the Trap that a lot of Twitter users do where they will follow anybody that follows them or they will follow random people hoping they get followed back. Instead of focusing on the number of followers you have on Twitter you should instead focus on the number of targeted followers that you have on Twitter. I would rather have 5000 targeted Twitter followers who are actually interested in my niche and what I have to say as opposed to 100,000 random tweeters who have no interest in my niche and only followed me in hopes that I would follow them back.

Driving traffic from this social media website is easy; however in the beginning it will seem hard. Initially you're not going to get hardly any traffic at all but if you put in the proper investment into Twitter and use the platform properly in the way that it was intended to do then down the road once you've built up your targeted Twitter followers you will have an unlimited source of targeted traffic for each and every new article or blog post that you write the falls within your chosen niche. Twitter is a very powerful platform for those who use it properly.

If you make use of this social media website for traffic then you will get much better results if you follow the tips I outlined above. This is a huge source of traffic as long as you tap it properly.

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