Ask, believe, receive. According to the Law Of Attraction, we can have everything we want if we can get absolutely clear about what it is we really want. Once we know exactly what we want, we can place a cosmic order for our deepest desire; including that of the perfect husband. After our order is placed, we need to let go of the hows and trust that the universe is moving things and circumstances to fulfill our desires.

Sometimes, it isn't until we have kissed a lot of frogs that we become clear about the kind of mate we really want. We may have thought that a fun, exciting "bad boy" was what we wanted. After a few failed relationships, we become much better at knowing what we don't want.

Now that we know what we don't want, we can start making a list of we do want. Not only do checklists clarify what type of man we really want, the universe thrives on fulfilling detailed orders.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to creating a cosmic order for a husband. Below is a list of areas to think about when you are making your order. I have included a sample of specifics after each area.

Religious Beliefs

I think the most important trait to list on your husband order is what type of spiritual beliefs and religious practices you want him to have. If daily devotion is an important part of your life, order a husband that can fill that role. Our spiritual beliefs go right down to the very core of who we are and should be the first thing to clarify on your order.

The very same thing is true when it comes to ordering a husband that you don't want bringing religion into the relationship.

For example:

  • A man who keeps Shabbat and lives by the Torah
  • A man who has a church ministry
  • A man who doesn't live by a certain religion
  • Someone that believes in The Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering

Upbringing And Social Skills

How was your ideal husband raised? What kind of upbringing molded him? His childhood and family dynamics will play a huge part in how he views relationships and what a normal home feels like.

If you expect to be treated like a lady, order a man who was raised by a feminine mother. Trust me, a man who grows up being domineered by a battleaxe mother will either become a full-out rebel, or will exhibit passive aggressive tendencies when you ask him to do something for you.

If you have your heart set on being a stay-at-home wife, order a traditional husband from the universe. Depending on your age, many men are used to seeing the women in their families work. And work. And work.


Pets, Kids & Former In Laws

If you are an animal lover and see no problem sharing your bed with your four cats, two dogs and a very friendly Iguana, you need to place a pet-friendly man on your order. This is very important. As a vegan myself, you don't how much I was tormented when I dated a hunter!

Be specific: He must like all animals and not mind sharing the whole house with a slew of pets. He treats all living creatures with respect and love.

If you hate the thought of pets and have no particular heart for animals, order a husband with those same beliefs. Otherwise you may end up with a husband who starts bringing home strays and rescues.

Do you want to have kids? If you are older, do you care if your husband has children from a previous marriage? Do you want a man who is willing to foster or adopt kids? What about an ex-wife?


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Character Traits And Personality

When we think about the type of personality and character traits we want in a mate, the words nice, considerate and kind always come to mind. To be more specific, be very careful what you wish for in the character/ personality department. That is what you will be married to for the rest of your life. Here are some character traits to think about:

  • Patient and easygoing
  • Generous and unselfish
  • Loyal and trustworthy
  • Highly principled and keeps their word

What kind of personality does your ideal husband have?

  • Loud, boisterous and a bit of a risk taker?
  • The strong silent type
  • Intelligent, studious and intellectual
  • Funny, goofy and entertaining
  • Flirty, witty and self-confident
  • Mature, wise and dependable


Personal Habits

What kind of personal habits does your ideal man have? Think about the type of husband you want to create a home with. If you are laid back in the housekeeping department, order a man who doesn't mind if the house isn't always spotless. If your idea of a perfect home is one of pristine cleanliness, order a husband that has neat habits.

A minimalist married to a  hoarder does not a happy marriage make.

Think about the type of man you would be happiest with when it comes to decorating your home.  Some men have zero interest in decorating and let their wives make all the decisions. On the other hand, some men refuse to live around girly colors and floral prints.


On The Road With Your Husband

It's not until you get on the road with a man that you realize the importance of his driving skills and general attitude behind the wheel.  If you pride yourself on being a safe, law abiding driver, nothing is more frightening than being a passenger with a high-risk dare devil at the helm. Going out with him will give you gray hairs and high blood pressure.

Dear Universe, I want a husband that I feel safe traveling with. I want a man that drives responsibly and obeys traffic laws so I can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Food And Cooking

I can't think of anything more challenging than a woman who hates to cook being married to man who either thinks that is her job, or never learned to make a sandwich and will starve until his wife gets home. Couples argue about fresh cooked meals versus frozen, microwave versus stove top, fried versus poached, e.t.c.

Not only are food and cooking beliefs very personal, they encompass so many layers. For example: leftovers. Personally, I love leftovers. Pizza, spaghetti, soups, pancakes, and so on. In my life, I have encountered many people who will not, under any circumstances, warm up a leftover meal.  They expect a new meal. 

Think about your order to the universe when it comes to your future husbands food and cooking beliefs:

  • I want a man who isn't picky and hard to please when it comes to food.
  • Send me a man who loves to cook and doesn't mind having a wife who doesn't .
  • I want a husband who is a vegetarian like me and eats healthy, organic foods.
  • I want a husband who doesn't scold or criticize my junk food habits.
  • I want a husband that lets me rule the kitchen and plan all the meals.
  • I want a man who loves McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut as much as I do.

Let The Universe Fulfill Your Order

Think about the areas of your life that will require a harmonious match in order to feel fulfilled and truly happy for the rest of your life.  Get specific about the qualities that matter the most to you. After you make your list, relax and release. It is done. It is now up  to the perfect timing of the universe to bring that which you requested into existence.

One of the secrets to ordering from the universe is to surrender and trust in its perfect timing. We give up trying to control how, when and where our order will be filled.

Ask, relax, release & trust the universe

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In simple, childlike faith, we can manifest our desires by asking the universe for what we want, then letting go.