It is important for us to have storages where we can store our food groceries. It is important to keep these food groceries safe and protected because we are going to eat them so they should not be contaminated or be in contact with any bacteria, it will cause us our health.

A bottom freezer basket is also a kind of food storage because we can also store a lot of food grocery items in here but in order for them to fit, we should learn how to organize it. This article will provide you some tips on how to organize a bottom freezer basket.

  • The problem with bottom freezer basket is that it does not have any shelves so we should purchase some plastic racks, baskets or shelves so that we can create regions in our bottom freezer.  Creating regions will allows us to group the same things. It will also help us in saving more time because we no longer have to dig the entire freezer to look for something.
  • We should put things together according to their categories. We should divide our freezer. For example, this region is for meat so we should put meat there. We should not put any other things in that region except for the items designated there.
  • We should label everything. Most of the things that we are buying are wrapped with freezer paper or foil so we should take some time to remove the freezer paper and foil then replace them with another foil then label them. By doing this, it will reduce our time in looking in the freezer and guessing what item we are looking at. We can use a marker or a pen in labeling them.
  • We should remove everything in our freezer and throw away all the items that are already expired and items that we could no longer identify because the label’s gone.
  • We should place the items that do not belong there on a place where it belongs. Sometimes we commit the mistake of putting items that belong to the freezer like meat, hotdogs and etc.
  • We should do the same thing with fruits, vegetables and spices.

We should keep a list of everything that we put in and out of our bottom freezer basket. We just have to simply crush out the item that we already used and write the new item that we put in there.  This will help us to know what item we need to shop for.