When I was young, I was always being nagged by mum for being messy with my room. In fact, until today, she still do, whenever she sees me finding my misplaced items. She will remind me and also help me to locate the items. She is a better organizer than me. I have a lot to learn from her. 

I have observed some patterns in the way she organizes and keeps her things, especially fashion items she uses. 

1. Similar Items Are Placed Together

Mum learnt this when she was shopping, whether is it at the grocery store or at the latest fashion boutique. You will notice for example like peanut butter, they are usually consolidated at one particular shelf with all the different brands or labels of peanut butter. This will convenient the customer to choose their particular label and also recognize the exact spot to find during the next visit. So when I need to find items like iPhone adapters or spare batteries, I will know where to locate these when they are all put together, maybe in a utility box or tool box.

2. Smaller Items Are Kept In Containers

I observed mum keeping all her little hair clips and fashion accessories in little containers. Those slightly bigger ones were kept in those container trays where they could also be placed into the drawers. These were very neat and tidy. In this way it ensures we do not misplace our things and begin disciplining ourselves to be responsible to keep our personal belongings. These containers and trays can be purchased from Ikea stores or Home Improvement shops.

3. Recycled Items Are Separated For Recycling

To think that practicing green was a recent thing, my mum started keeping items for recycling way back when I was still a little baby. She kept all those baby powder containers to be used for keeping cookies and biscuits. During the Chinese New Year, she would use these containers to store the festive goodies. Simply place a piece of newspaper over the opening and press down the cover and you have an air-tight container for freshness. Newspapers were also collected and separated for reuse or sold to recycling vendors. 

4. Frequently Used Items Are Placed At Visible Areas

If you have the habit of misplacing things which you use often, try this idea by putting them at visible places. For example if you need to bring your office keys or a wrapped gift for a friend, try putting it near the exit or your home entrance desk. In this way, when you walk past that area, you will be certain to see it and remember to bring it along. Container trays will also come in useful for this purpose.

5. Seldom Used Items Are Stacked In The Store Room

Have you discovered that there are many items in your house that you probably may not use them and only on certain occasions? Take for example, luggage bags or kids toys or extra bedding items. These should be properly kept and stacked in the store room. Be sure to also label them properly for convenient locating them and place safely on storage racks which can be purchased also from either Ikea or Home Improvement stores.


These patterns or tips have helped save a lot of time for me, from finding things to using my time more wisely. In fact, it has saved me from a lot of stress locating misplaced items. You can imagine how crazy one can become when he or she loses her mind finding things.