To organize your closet, you do have to get tough with your stuff! You have to say goodbye to things that you have been toting around all your life.

Do you have a walk in closet, that you can no longer walk in? Do you live in fear of opening your closet door to far and getting hit with the top shelf? Do you constantly have wrinkled clothes because of having to rummage through your closet for something to wear? Is this wear your jam things when you are cleaning the rest of the house?

Then you need to get tough with your stuff. You know you need to, but everyday you find something else to do right? You don't want anything to do with your closet and it just causes stress. It is easier to go out and get new underwear than it is to try and find anything in your closet right?

Well today is the day, you are going to roll up your sleeves, get yourself psyched, and get the job done. If you are wavering, just picture your closet when it is done, and feel the stress leave. Think of it as a treasure hunt, who knows what is buried in there? You could have an wardrobe for the entire street! Depending on how long you have lived at this location, is the number of years of "stuff" that has been multiplying. It is time to get tough with your stuff, and today is the day.

The first thing you are going to do on this momentous day, is to get yourself three boxes. Label them:




You may need bigger boxes, depending on how big a job this is! Maybe you will need a few of each.

Now that you are ready with your sleeves rolled up, and you have drank your three cups of coffee in preparation for this chore, you just don't know where to start.

If you have a shelf right over your clothes, then start with the shelf. You don't want any of that falling on you, and putting you off your day!. Take everything off this shelf. Look at it for five to ten seconds tops. In that time, you need to quickly decide between those three boxes. Remember today you are going to get ruthless.

A good rule to go by, to organize your closet, is if you have not looked at or need this item for a year, then let it go. If it is something that is in good shape, put it in the donation box, and let someone else have it.

Another good rule, is to imagine yourself moving into a smaller place. Look at your item, and consider whether it would be worth the price to move it, considering many movers go by weight. If it would not be worth paying for to move it, then get rid of it. You just have to decide which box, donation or garbage. If it is something you really need, then it goes in the keeper box.

Remember the idea here, is for the donation and garbage box to grow bigger than your keeper box, not the other way around!

Once you have the shelf dealt with, you will be getting more energized to deal with the clothes. Now just grab an item, and do the five to ten second rule, remember you will have a lot of clothes to go through. Quickly turn it around, and look at it. If it is in the front of the closet, then chances are, that it is a keeper, as you have probably been wearing it. But if not, off it goes!

Go through your entire closet this way. If you need to stop and try something on, because you just can't decide, then go ahead. But do not keep it to try and "fit into when I lose weight". That will just hang there as a reminder that you are under pressure to lose weight. If you do lose weight, go shopping for new clothes, and get rid of the fat clothes. You do not need a set of clothes for skinny and fat. Pick your right size, and that stays in the closet.

Once you have gone through your closet, you should be feeling better about what you have in there.

Do the same for the floor of your closet, which more than likely are covered in shoes! If you have shoes that look great, but you don't wear them because they hurt, then donate them!

By keeping things that don't fit or you don't wear, whether it is clothes, shoes, hats or purses, you are stockpiling. You will feel great and liberated, like a weight has been taken off your shoulders!

Treat yourself to some organizing containers, such as a shelf unit for your shoes. Depending on how big your closet is, you can buy all kinds of containers that help to organize your closet.

Now that you are done, take your boxes, close them up, so that you don't take any second looks at things!. Get them into your car right now, and take the donations to the re-use center, or donation center, and the garbage out to the curb or to recycling depending on what you threw away.

Give your closet a good clean and vacuum and now hang up all the clothes you are keeping, and organize your shoes and purses etc, and now you can see what you need for this season. This is the perfect reward. Shopping!

Now that you can see past all that "stuff" you were babysitting, you may need to update your wardrobe. But just think about how easy it will be to find something to wear, or the right purse. You may actually be able to hit the snooze button in the morning, because you won't be spending half your time digging in your closet, and having to iron what you find.

So, mark it on the calendar "Organize your closet" and feel liberated!