Make Up

We live a busy life and everything we can do to make our routine easier contributes to our day. Getting ready in the morning if you use make up everyday can be a lot less complicated when you have your products organized and at hand. Besides, having a cluttered dresser is going to make your room look messy and contribute to a sense of disorder.

Sometimes tasks like this can be a bit overwhelming, if you don't have a plan you can feel like you are moving things around but not really accomplishing anything. Maybe organization isn't a skill you have practiced a lot, but don't worry, we are going to make it simple by going through 5 steps and then you can apply it to other parts of your life like your wardrobe or your desk at your job.

First Step: Clean it.

Take all your products and start separating the ones that are past their expiration date, you should throw those away. Don't put chemicals products in your skin that are spoiled, they can cause allergic reactions, rashes and other problems. Throw them out. Which ones you never used and is not likely to use? Is probably a good idea to give them to someone. You are going to hold on to them and not use them and they will take up space that could be used for cosmetics you want and could actually use. You should clean all your make up while you're at it, because when you put everything back in place it will all be spotless.

Second Step: Plan it.

Take a few moments to think about how to organize your stuff. What do you use everyday? Those things should be somewhere you can easily reach. On top of you dresser, by the mirror, you get the idea. What you use rarely? They can be put on a bottom drawer or a box. Those you use occasionally can be put in the top drawers or be on displays on the dresser as long as they are kept organized.

Third Step: Prepare it.

You thought about where you want to put your cosmetics, now you need to prepare those spaces. Does the drawer you selected to put your eye shadows pallets need partitions? You can make some out of cardboard or buy them. If you want to display your nail polish or lipstick there are several acrylic organizer available everywhere from dollar stores to online retailers. You can use cute boxes you have around the house, trays are also great for things you use all the time like mascara and BB creams. Consider labeling products with packaging that is not see-through. You could save time going through all those eyeshadow pallets if you had a label with their colors on the bottom of it.

Fourth Step: Place it.

Now is time to put everything in their designed place. You already planned this, so it will be simple and should not take that much time. Make sure your products are clean and that their place of storage is clean. Play around with the cosmetics that will be on display, with the boxes and organizer, have some fun and found out what looks better and is functional.

Fifth Step: Maintain it.

Now is all a matter of trying to keep things organized during your day to day life. Sometimes you are in a rush and ends up leaving a mess behind, take a few minutes to fix it when you get back at home. Keep an eye on expiration dates, don't wait to long to label your new products and put whatever you just used back in its place and it shouldn't be too hard. You can always do a big clean up every year.