Packing can be one of the worst and most annoying things to do. It is completely contingent on the what ifs.  No matter how much you try there are always things that are uncertain.  There are some general guidelines to help beginners learn how to pack for a trip based on a weeklong trip.


Pants: The first thing that you need are pants. If you are female I recommend bringing at least six pairs of pants.  Use your judgment about the types of pants that you want to bring but even if you're going to a casual atmosphere you may want to at least bring a couple of trousers.

Shirts: Select shirts that can coordinate with the pants or your skirts.  Ideally you should pick pants and skirts that are the same color.

Dress Clothes: As a female, you need to bring some dress clothes.  You should bring at least three skirts and a couple of dresses. You want to bring these items just in case you are invited to a formal event.  If you're a professional I recommend that you bring a suit or two just in case.

Shoes: Make sure you bring the shoes that you need.  You want to bring at least one pair of heels and some comfortable shoes.

Make Up: You want to make sure that you bring all of your beauty products.  Make sure you bring your makeup (espcially your foundation).  There is nothing worse than trying to find the right shade of makeup when you are on a trip.

Hair Supplies: Bring your hair dryer and any other hair supplies that you need.  For instance make sure you have your flat iron, your brush, your comb, and any shampoo.  If you are going to foreign country make sure that the devices you bring will work there (or purchase an adapter kit so that you do not have to worry about it).

Other Beauty Supplies: Females need a ton of supplies.  Make sure that you pack all of them before you leave. 

Other Things: You want to make sure that you bring money, makeup, and hair accessories.  As a female it is important to bring all of the items that you think that you could need.


Pants: As a male, you also need to bring certain clothes.  Of course, you need to bring pants and shirts.  I would recommend that you bring a mix of jeans, trousers, and dress slacks.  Bring pants that are decent.  Don't bring pants that need to be mended or adjusted.

Shirts: Bring shirts that match your pants and trousers.  Some shirts are dressier than others.  Make sure that you pick shirts that will allow you to feel comfortable at on your vacation.  You might want to pick polo shirts or similar shirts over t-shirts.

Dress Clothes: Just like the females, you need to make sure that you are prepared for every situation that you might encounter, so you need to bring a suit.  This should be one of your best suits just in case you get an invitation to an event.

Accessories: Although men typically have less accessories than females, there are still some accessories that you need to bring.  Make sure that you have your wallet, your sunglasses and your hat.  If you wear jewelry make sure that you bring it.  

Clothes: Packing for children is more difficult. Based on the age of your child, you may or may not be able to pack lightly.  The most important thing when you travel with a child is making sure that the child is comfortable and happy along the trip.  With children you probably want to bring at least two outfits per day.  Kids are messy and have accidents that often require a change of clothes. 

Transportation Accessories: Transporting children to different areas can be a bit difficult.  When you travel you have to plan for these things ahead of time.  It may be a hassel but it is cheaper to bring the items that you need to use.  However there are services that will allow you to rent the items that you need.

What items should you bring?  You should probably bring a car seat and a stroller.  Bring a car seat that actually fits your child.  Most planes require that your child sit in a seat.  Although it might not be your child's first choice, it must be done.  Try to make yoru child more comfortable by giving them snacks and toys.  If you need further suggestions I have see my article on choosing a car seat.  Sitting in a car seat does not have to be an unpleasant experience. Try to use a stroller that is easy to transport.  The bulky strollers are probably the worst option.  Try to find a travel stroller that will fold up compactly.  There are a ton of travel strollers that are available online. 

Favorite Items: You also want to bring any important items that your child uses on a daily basis.  If your child has a special blanket or pillow make sure that you pack it.  There is nothing worse than a child crying for an item that you accidentally left at home. 

Toys: When you have a child you will probably have to bring a few of their toys.  Make sure you bring the toys that are the most engaging for your child.  While you might be tempted to leave out toys for the space, it is better to bring them than it is to have your child upset and bored.

Activities: You will also need to bring activities to keep your children entertained.  There are some great products to entertain children while they are traveling.  You might want to bring movies, activities books, travel games, reading books, or video games.  The number and types of items will vary based on the age of your children.  Just make sure that you bring something to keep everything in like a backpack or special suitcase (and that you remember the things that the child brought with them).