Thule 604 Ascent 1600 Rooftop Cargo Box

The road trip is a great American tradition. Unfortunately when it meets the modern trend towards smaller, fuel efficient cars problems can occur. Small cars are great for the environment and for your wallet. Unfortunately they are not so great for storing all the things you would like to take when you head out of town. If you want to learn the best way to pack a small car for a road trip then read on.

Trying to pack camping gear or outdoor equipment into a small car can be a major pain. The awkward shapes of snow boards and back packs just don’t seem to fit into a small car. If you are trying to fit the whole family in as well the task becomes simply impossible. In the past people have come up with novel solutions to this problems. One of the most common of these is to try tying down the luggage on the roof of the car. Unfortunately there are more than a few problems with this technique.

Firstly it’s not particularly secure. No matter how good you are at tying a knot, things can come loose. Not only could you lose your valuable luggage, you also risk causing a major road accident. Not a good way to start a holiday. This isn’t the only problem with tying down your luggage either. It maybe a beautiful day when you set out from your house but chances are it won’t stay that way for the entire road trip. Wet luggage can ruin your possessions and your holiday. Also this is not a very aerodynamic way to secure your items. It can cause major wind resistance which will add to your fuel bill and hurts the environment. Lastly thieves love insecure tied down luggage. They know if they follow you for long enough you are going to leave the vehicle at some point. And then it’s open season on your goods.

So what’s the modern traveller to do? Luckily there is an easy solution to the problem. Roof boxes sit sleekly and aerodynamically on top of your car. They look great and they are simply the best method to create more space for your stuff. Encased with a hard protective shell your luggage will arrive safely at your destination. Most come with highly secure locking systems that will deter even the most experienced thieves. Also they are designed to minimise wind resistance so that you save money and you’ll have a more pleasant road trip. Another nice feature of the roof box is the fact is that it is very easy to pack in your valuables. They come in array of opening options including rear opening, single side opening and dual side opening. It’s easy to put your things in, and easy to find them again. Roof boxes came in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy a roof box that is tailor made to fit the shape of your favorite gear.

Next time you are going on a road trip make life a little easier and use a roof box. Not only will you find it much easier to pack, your goods will arrive in the same condition as when you leave home.

If you are interested in buying a cargo box, check out this roof box reviews website.  It has detailed product reviews of all the best car top carriers, including the Thule 604 Ascent 1600 Rooftop Cargo Box.