Winter can be a scary time of year to drive. The weather can be unpredictable. Snow and ice storms can cause you to become stuck in your car. Of course, the best thing to do is not go out if the weather is supposed to be bad, but sometimes you have no choice. If you have ever experienced a blizzard, you know how quickly the snow falls and accumulates. Snow plows, salt trucks and sand trucks just can seem to keep up with the rapidly falling snow. If you are stuck in your car due to an ice storm, blizzard or heavy snow storm, are you prepared? This is what everyone should have in their car in the case of a winter weather emergency.

You will need a blanket or sleeping bag to keep warm in frigid temperatures.

Pack a flashlight so you are able to see or be seen.

Store an extra set of clothes, hat, gloves and boots in case your clothes get wet from the snow and ice.

Keep non-perishable foods in your car. Be sure to have food such as granola bars, dry cereal or trail mix. Do not keep non-perishable foods that can freeze in your car, they will be of no use if you are stuck.

Always keep a map and compass in your car. A GPS will do you no good if the battery dies and you cannot recharge it.

Have a battery powered radio in your car along with extra batteries so you can listen for weather update and emergency plans.

Buy a catalytic heater and keep it in your car. A catalytic heater is a small portable heater. Use the heater sparingly to conserve its energy.

Always have flares and reflectors in your car. Flares and reflectors will enable other drivers to see you and emergency help to find you.

Keep a shovel in your trunk to dig yourself out if possible.

Have a bag of cat litter in your car. If you are stuck in snow cat litter can help your car gain traction.

Do not keep the car running with all of the windows closed. When and if you do run the car, first be sure the tail pipe if free and clear of snow. A blocked tail pipe can cause you to be overcome by carbon monoxide fumes and can cause death.