You are about to embark on some decorating, and you have read all the magazines, and the "DIY" of painting, how to paint a ceiling, and how just a coat of paint can change everything instantly and on the cheap. But you first have to tackle that ceiling. So, how to make it look good and get done quick?

Color Changing - So You Know Where You Have Painted

KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Interior Ceiling Paint, White, 1-gallon
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saves time!

 Well, you are right if you think a coat of paint will change a room instantly, but a bad coat of paint can have the opposite effect you are looking for!

When it comes to a ceiling, you need to have a few more tools than just a roller and a brush. Plus it can get confusing when you ask your local home improvement center, just how to do it, so it looks good. Each person will have their own opinion of how to do it the right way.

So, you are about to get another opinion, but I have now painted my fair share of ceilings, and they have turned out great. So, before you go and buy rolls and rolls of painters tape, here are the few bits of painters equipment I use when it comes to getting the job done.


Get a good quality ceiling paint that changes colour when going on wet but dries white (below). Stick to a paint designed for ceilings as it is usually a typical white and is flat, and if it is good quality, you should not be wearing it by the end of the project! If you buy "bargain basement ceiling paint" you are going to have a great spackle hairdo and so will everything else in the room.

So, get a good quality name brand ceiling paint. There are actually some newer ones on the market now that will go n the ceiling blue and then dry white (below). This is good if you are repainting a tired looking ceiling and have a hard time seeing where you started and left off. these do cost more.

If you your ceiling is really dingy, you can save your money on this product, because you will definitely see where you left off!


This is my secret weapon when it comes to doing the edges. These are only about four dollars at the home improvement store, but are worth their weight in gold.


Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger
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Rather than spend hours and hours up and down a ladder using painters tape to tape off the wall at the ceiling, this edger will do it for you. This edger is usually red plastic, and has little wheels to run along the wall to keep you at the right distance from the wall. There are little paint pads to use, and once you get the hang of this, you will find you can use this when painting walls as well, as it goes quickly around window trim. Anywhere the wheels can run.

This will also screw onto a painters extension pole if you have some heights to deal with.

The downfall to this tool, is you are in trouble if you get paint on the wheels. So, don't go dipping it in the tray of paint. Take your paint brush and load up the edger pad, and don't overload it, it is better to run over with a couple of coats, than risk getting excess paint on the wheels.

Although, this edger works wonder on painting a ceiling, if the drywall edge is bad, then it may not give the best look. If you have bad drywall where the ceiling and wall meet, then the wheels are not going to run flat and you won't get the crisp painted edge. This edger works best on flat and true drywall.

If your drywall edge is not good where the ceiling meets the wall, then paint the best you can and invest in some decorative crown moldings to cover that area. In this case you don't have to spend too much time on edging!

Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot
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Extension Painters Pole

This is extremely important and a great investment. I personally hate heights, even two steps up a ladder has me freezing up.. I managed to paint a cathedral 16 foot tall peaked ceiling using an extension pole and no ladder including the edges.

The only downfall to these, is to get pressure behind your roller while painting your ceiling, you need to almost run it behind you. You will see what I mean once you get started. Plus don't forget to cover everything until you get the hang of this extension pole. I have painted a ceiling and then brought the pole and roller down only to hit a few things on the way down. So, be careful where you are going with this loaded roller on this long extension pole! But it covers fast and works great.

This is wear you will be thankful for a good quality paint, as drips are no fun at all!

Empty the Room

Or at least congregate all the furniture into the center where you know where it is. You don't want to be concentrating so hard on walking along and painting a ceiling, only to do a face plant into some covered furniture along with the roller hitting the wall. (Now you know why you should always paint a ceiling first!).

Old Sheets

Worth their weight in gold. Unless you own a bunch of canvas painters cover ups, which are great but heavy and get pretty dusty and dirty after a few uses, old sheets are the best for your furniture and carpet. You can walk on them without slipping.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT put down plastic sheets on the floor, or you will be on your butt before you know it. Socks will slide and bare feet will stick. Cotton sheets are best for this. If you don't have any sheets to donate to the project to paint a ceiling, then you can try the local thrift store or ask your friends and neighbors. You can wash them up afterwards (unless they are really painted up) and store in a plastic tub somewhere for next time you paint a ceiling. Just make sure and label the tub as "Painting Sheets" so no one uses them as spare sheets for the bed!

Now your ceiling will look awesome. So, skip the painters tape and get yourself an edger and now you know how to paint a ceiling in style and quick!