To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Can Totally Change a Room. If your kitchen has seen better days, and you would love to replace all the cabinets, but your bank account disagrees with you, then there are some other options. You can paint them. To paint kitchen cabinets, takes a bit of prep time, but if you have some help, you can get this all done in a day, or weekend, and save enough money on not replacing your cabinets, that you can treat yourself to take out meals while doing it.

How to paint kitchen cabinets - The actual painting part goes fast, it is all in the preparation of the cabinets. It also depends on just how many cabinets doors and drawers you own.

Step 1 - To Paint kitchen cabinets, take them off, if you can, this just makes it easier. Label them somewhere on the inside of the cabinet door and drawer as to which base you took it off. This just helps when it is time to put things bag together. The drawers especially just seem to fit better in the right slots!

Step 2 - To Paint kitchen Cabinets - Take off all hardware, and if you are planning on getting new hardware, and the holes are not in the right place, then use some wood filler now and fill those left over holes, it will look good as new behind your paint. You need to find a spot to do this all in, such as the garage or basement on a big tarp.

Step 3 - Clean - Really clean with some kind of degreaser that will get all the grease and dirt off. Take a damp cloth and rinse them and then dry them off.

Step 4 - Purchase a really good primer. I personally use Zinsser Primer Bulls Eye 123. It literally sticks to anything, (as long as it is not greasy). It is a great primer. I have painted furniture without stripping off the old finish, only cleaned it, and then used this primer. Zinsser Primer is considered a high adhesion primer.

This allows you to paint with any kind of paint afterwards. It can be oil, or latex or whatever, since you are now going to give your paint a really good base. If there is any kind of varnish on your cabinet doors, as long as they are clean this will go right over top, you don't have to sand it off. That goes for previously painted cabinets too!

Step 5 - How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets - Now if you can use a paint sprayer in a well ventilated area (you can also rent these) then this would work great, just watch out for drips and runs. Otherwise, invest in a really good paint brush, and paint on a couple of coats of your finished color. Make sure and let it dry in between coats.

While the cabinets are drying, you can also be cleaning and painting the frame that is left in the kitchen. Give these the same treatment as the cabinet doors. You should at this point decide if the insides of the cabinets are to be painted or just really cleaned.

It is funny, because if you are at this point, you are probably looking at stuffed cabinets! This might be a good time to sort them out, while the doors are missing. (This is where help comes in!)

Step 6 - Let the cabinet doors cure for a couple of days. This just makes the paint that much tougher when you go to install them back in the kitchen.

Step 7 - Install new hardware. If you have purchased the new knobs and drawer pulls already, then it is easier to put these all on while they are out of the base. So, measure your drawer fronts for the middle and figure out where you are going to put your cabinet hardware and then pre-drill and install.

cabinet hardware

Step 9 - To Paint Kitchen Cabinets - Make sure the hinges are clean if you are reusing them and then slowly install the cabinet doors and drawers, making sure they go in the right spot. You may laugh at this, but if you have a lot of cabinet doors and your kitchen was custom made at some point, then each door has its rightful spot that works best!

Step 10 - Admire your handiwork - You have saved a lot of money, now don't stop there. With this renewed interest in your kitchen, you must realize that you just totally changed your kitchen for way less then getting a new one. If you have the budget at this point, you could splurge for a new countertop or if you like it, then possibly a new modern and sleek faucet set for the sink.

A few simple changes can totally change the look of the kitchen. When learning how to paint kitchen cabinets, you will probably notice, that painting the cabinets gets you started on a few more projects!

Before you know it, you have a great looking kitchen. Clear away clutter on the counter too. If you managed to clean out the cabinets, then you may have room for things laying around on the counter making it look like clutter. If everything has a spot and a place to live, then your kitchen will look less cluttered.

To paint kitchen cabinets, and clean and de-clutter can be a huge undertaking, but totally worth it. You can save thousands, increase the value of your kitchen, and feel better using it!

So, if you want to learn how to paint kitchen cabinets, follow the above steps (this works for bathroom vanities too!) and try not to wash or be too rough with the cabinet doors and drawers for about a month, this makes sure the paint is cured well and totally hardened.

If you don't want to paint kitchen cabinets, but you want a change, then consider just changing out the hardware, and clearing the counter and some new linens, that can make a huge difference right there. Anything that makes your counter space look bigger, is a great investment, so get rid of the junk and the clutter and have more working room in your kitchen.

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