Hairstyle for your face
Credit: Jon Sears via Flickr

Everyone thinks that a hairstyle is the primary factor that defines a person’s individuality. But there are instances that a particular style, which fits one person, does not create the same impression when another person adopts it as well. This is because of a few aspects, and one major aspect is the face. The facial shape, size, color and identifying marks (such as moles, birthmarks, or scars) may contribute to the outcome of your new hairdo, either positively or negatively. It is essential that there should be cleverness in choosing what you want for establishing a good impression. Here are some things to consider when picking the perfect hairstyle for your face.

  • Determine the facial shape to create balance. The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to face a mirror and get a lipstick (or some erasable medium, you don’t want to draw a permanent mark on the mirror) Draw the outline of your face in the mirror. If you have determined that you have a round face, long hair style that fall just below the chin would be good. Having a squared face is okay for curls just make sure to avoid highlighting the angular jaw. The idea is to make an opposition of your facial shape with the hairstyle.
  • Think about the time and the duration you are planning to wear a certain hairstyle. Are you planning to wear that hairstyle for a short term, or a long term? If you’re planning for a curl today and a straighter hair tomorrow, temporary curls may just be the thing for you. There are temporary ways to styling without risking damage to the hair because of stronger chemicals used in permanent styling.
  • Consider the things that you are willing to sacrifice for a hairstyle. There may be certain sacrificial maintenance for some hairstyles. It is better to get acquainted with those maintenance routine such as the use of conditioner, styling gel, moose, hairsprays and others. Time may also be a factor to consider. Putting so much effort in a hairstyle would be time consuming. Make sure you are ready for this and you are really determined.
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  • Coordinate with your trusted hairstylist on the style that you have decided. It is always wise to ask the opinion of the hairstylist on what he/she thinks. Be open to suggestions. If a trimming or cutting of hair is essential to the particular hairstyle that you have decided, you should be informed, and you should be ready for it as well.

  • Think of what you would want to cover. A hairstyle may hide or highlight some facial features in you. If you have big ears, avoid having a short and narrow hair; cover it up by wearing the sides a little longer to create a wider illusion. If you have a scar on your forehead, you might want to consider hairstyles with bangs.

  • Use some technology if you may. There are free mobile apps at the playstore for smartphones. Technology today let’s you quickly download some apps for free so you can try on the idea of a new hairstyle without actually going through the process yet. This can also be done through Photoshop. Photoshop is a picture editing tool that is more precise and detailed. It takes literacy and familiarization on how to do it though.

Now that you have learned all these things, it’s time to pick out that hairstyle and create that new look. Just remember to keep an average expectation for the turnout of a hairstyle and wear that new hairstyle with confidence!