ChurchCredit: Aaron Niequist

One of the unique features of Christianity, is the church. It's the place of meeting and fellowship for the Christian and their family. Some have a very difficult time locating a new church. The task can seem daunting for some. Here are some tips to help you out with your search for a new church home.

Tip 1: Pray - Prayer is extremely important when making a decision regarding which church you should attend. Pray before you make any decision. "Pray without ceasing" ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:17 

Tip 2: Denomination - What denomination are you searching for? Pentecostal? Baptist? Non-Denominational? Keep in mind that each of them have there strengths and weakness. I always recommend that you try something new. Maybe you grew up going to a Pentecostal Church. How about you try a Baptist Church this time around? 

Tip 3: Friends - Where do your friends attend? Your friends maybe attending a church that is compatiable with your convictions. It wouldn't hurt to ask. Your friends would give you an inside look into the workings of the church.

Tip 4: The Gospel - This should actually be peppered throughout all of the steps. It's the number 1 factor when choosing a new church. The music is great, but without the Gospel the church is dead.The key question to ask when looking for a church is... Is the Pastor preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The reality is most churchs are not preaching the Gospel. If you visit a church and are not reminded of the true purpose of the church, then you should run away very fast.

Tip 5: Church Organizations - There are a number organizations online that offer great church directories. A quick google search for church organizations should produce a number of results. 

Tip 6: Visit - Visit a church each week to get a feel for the flow of the service. Make sure your checking out the people to see if they are cordial. Couple questions to ask: Were you greeted? Is the Pastor teaching the Bible, or is he spewing random thoughts? Another little bit of advice. Never fill out a contact card on the first visit. You want to make sure that this is "the church" that you would like to attend before requesting a call back from church staff.

Tip 7: Ask Questions - When you visit a new church it's important to ask questions. Feel free to ask what the church believes in. How long have they been in existence? Ask the pastor questions if the opportunity arises. Remember, this will be the man that shepards you for a good part of your life. You should know something about him.

It will take time to locate a new church. It's not an easy task. However, if you follow the tips above, and throw in a few of your own, you should be all set!