A good domain name is an essential part of any online business. You will want to select a domain name that is both marketable and contains the formula that Google desires. Anyone can pick a winning domain name once they take a few factors into consideration.

Keep in mind that the domain name is the biggest tool that you can use to brand your website. This is why you should select a name that is short and sweet. You want something that will be as memorable and pleasant sounding as possible. Some internet marketers choose to create obscure domain names like `Twitter’ or `Squidoo’ in an effort to be unique. While this may work well for marketers with huge advertising budgets, this is not something that I would suggest to the average webmaster.

Rather than creating fictitious words, Its far better to use a domain name that contains the actual keywords that people may be entering into Google to find information. Keep in mind that Google considers the relevance of your domain when ranking your website for particular keywords. By placing the keywords directly into the domain, you’ll be ranked much higher as a result. While it may not always be possible, it it’s best to obtain an exact keyword match. When an exact match is not possible, a short prefix or suffix can be added to the keyword. For example, a site selling `Toaster Ovens’ should attempt to acquire `ToasterOvens.Com`. When this is not available, BestToasterOvens.Com or ToasterOvensReview.Com are suitable choices.

Another factor to consider is which ‘Top Level Domain’ or `TLD’ to register under. You can choose from .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc. The list goes on and on. As a general rule, if the .com is available, that should always be your first choice. For one, the average internet user is most familiar with the .com extension. In addition, Google tends to view a .com as a more authoritative domain, which will ultimately affect your ranking in the search engines. Your next choice should be .net, and then .org as these pages are also viewed as authoritative extensions. Some domainers create sites with .info extensions but I would only suggest using this type as a last resort. The .info domains can be much more difficult to rank highly on Google. 

If you are stumped and can’t seem to come up with a domain name that works, don’t despair. There are quite few free resources that you can lean on to assist you in finding the perfect domain. Nameboy .com can be a great help when it seems like `all of the good domains in your niche are taken’. After entering a few keywords, Nameboy will instantly create dozens of possible names. BustAName.com is another valuable resource that can help you uncover a winning domain name. This intuitive application uses its massive database to combine words together, resulting in unique and relevant domain names. 

Grabbing a premium domain is not as difficult as some will lead you to believe. Armed with the required knowledge and a bit of patience, you can create an extremely valuable portfolio of domain names. Just remember to keep it simple, use the correct keywords for your niche, and take advantage of the numerous Domain Tools currently available on the net.