For an extra touch of elegance to your home, you can install some antique door knobs. Those accessories don’t cost you a lot of money, but they are capable to dramatically change the way your home looks. However, you have to match them right. You can’t put antique door knobs on ultramodern doors, made of aluminum framing, glass or composite materials. You have to match them with classic interior design and just the right doors. You can find elegant, timeless door knobs that are made of crystal or metal. They are generally round or oval, made of finely crafted metal, crystal or glass. The ones made of crystal and glass have multiple facets, adding luxury and class to your home. When shopping for those special accessories, you have two options: reproductions or real antiques.

 Antique Door Knobs Reproductions

You can create a special atmosphere in your home with reproductions of the authentic stuff. Reproductions look almost as good as the real thing, only they are a lot cheaper. You can find reproductions made of metal, glass, crystal or acrylic material. You can practically find reproductions for any style or any type of antique door knob you might want for your home. There are hundreds of online sites selling you such products. You should know that the ones made of acrylic material, although they are the cheapest, they are also more susceptible to damages. A lot of fine scratches and lines will appear on acryl, and dirt will build up inside them; it will be impossible for you to fix those knobs and to make them look good again. On the other hand, metal, glass and crystal are more durable, and, even if they scratch, they can be easily polished and they will look like new in no time. When shopping for antique door knobs reproductions, ask the manufacturer how the items were made. There are handmade reproductions that look every bit as good the real antiques. So, if you can find handmade reproductions, you should definitely get them.

 Real Antiques – How To Find Them?

If you want real antique door knobs, you can definitely try to find ones. It’s a little challenging to find the exact model you want and to find many identical pieces, but you might get lucky. The best places to search for real antiques are dedicated sites. You can visit in one single day tens of online antiques stores and to check out lots of products. You’ll be paying a lot more on them than on reproductions, but, if you want something really special, the investment will pay off. There is just another thing you have to consider: the replacement. Let’s say you need ten antique door knobs, same color, same design, same material. You are lucky enough to find them, but what do you do if one of them breaks in time? It will probably ne almost impossible to find another matching one. Finding a large number of identical knobs and replacing broken ones are the biggest problems when it comes to buying real antiques.

 How To Maintain Antique Door Knobs

If you take care of them properly, your elegant classy door knobs will remain shiny and spotless for a long time. Taking care of the has a lot to do with the material they are made of. If it’s metal, you need to make sure you are cleaning all the fatty stains coming form peoples’ hands on time. Residues like fat or sticky spots will attack the metal and cause permanent stains, unless you clean them regularly. Metal antique door knobs are generally made of iron, but you should check this with the manufacturer or the seller. Once you know for sure the type of metal they are made of, buy a cleaning product that’s suitable for that metal and clean them at least once a week. Crystal and glass antique door knobs are easier to maintain. You can simply wipe them every time they are dirty with the same cleaning product you use for windows and glass surfaces. If you have reproduction knobs, made of acrylic material, you need to be careful not to scratch them.

From time to time, especially it you have real antique door knobs, you should take them off and to a specialist, for professional cleaning and polishing. Find a reliable antiquity store and take them to ne cleaned at least once a year.