Baby jewellery is one of the latest, hottest trends related to baby fashion. You can find a lot of baby jewellery items, starting with bracelets (for wrist or ankle), necklaces and earrings for baby girls. Baby jewellery makes a really inspired gift for baby shower parties. You can pick from a huge variety of models and colors, but, when you buy jewellery for babies, there are a few safety rules you should follow.

Make Sure The Jewellery Can't Hurt The Baby

Any type of baby jewellery that is sharp – like the edges of a small cross, for example, or the petals form a gold flower – is not suitable for a baby. The jewellery should fit perfectly the baby arm, if it's a bracelet, without strangling the arm or risking coming out. A bracelet that slides out from the baby wrist is very dangerous, since the baby could swallow it in an instant. If it's a necklace, you need to check if it's the right size. A baby necklace that is too long may cling on something and hurt the baby. Also, baby earrings need to be well polished and only with rounded surfaces. Baby jewellery need to have reliable clasps, to avoid any risk fro accidents. When you buy baby jewellery, you need to be very careful not only about the way the items are crafted, but also about the materials that the jewellery is made of. For babies, you should buy only precious metals, like yellow or white gold and platinum. Other metals are not recommended, since they have a significant allergenic potential. Pearls, gems and other stones are OK, since they don't cause any type of allergies.

If the items you want to buy meet those safety standards, then you can go ahead and buy for your little prince or princess all the jewellery you want.

Personalized Baby Jewellery

A great idea, for gifts or for your own precious little one, is personalized baby jewellery. You can get, for example, baby bracelet and bangles with the baby name or monogram on it. Necklaces can be also personalized with a cross charm or heart with the baby name or with the baby birthstone.

When a new baby comes in your family or when close friends welcome their newborn, you don't know what gift you should get. You want something a little more special, something that the baby will have for years to come and will treasure even as a teenager or adult. Getting baby clothes and diapers is not always the best idea – parents are generally very particular about such items and they prefer a certain brand of diapers or a specific type of clothes for their baby. This is why those gifts remain in the closet for months or years, until they are re-gifted or simply tossed away.

But, if you get a pair of earrings, a personalized bracelet or a locket necklace, the parents will be delighted and the baby will enjoy the gift for years to come. He or she may even pass out that jewellery to their own children one day. Baby jewellery is a very inspired gift not only for baby showers, but also for baby baptism or for celebrating first year of life.

Matching Jewellery For Mother And Baby

A very touching gift for a new mum and her baby is a matching set of jewellery. You can get, fro example, personalized bracelets, with the engraved names of both mother and baby. Also, very trendy gifts are matching locker necklaces, with pictures of both inside. Such gifts will be treasured for years and will remain in the family for generations. You need to buy some jewellery that is suitable for boys and girls as they grow up and become teenagers, so simple, adjustable items are the best option.

Order Baby Jewellery Online, To Get The Best Possible Deals

If you decided to buy baby jewellery for your little ones or as a gift to friends and family, the place where you need to start looking is online. Not only you will find a great baby jewellery variety, but also you will come across a lot of great deals and very affordable prices. When buying baby jewellery online, you need to be very careful about the quality of the items you get. Make sure you ask the manufacturer or the seller about the dimensions of the items you buy, about the way they fasten, about the material they are made of and about the way they are finished.