Frameless shower doors bring a note of style and elegance to your house. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel or in a beautiful spa every time you take a shower in the comfort of your own bathroom. Those doors are truly spectacular because, without framing, they hive you the impression of a wall made or water. They are perfect or any bathroom – since there isn’t any framing involved, you can match them easily with the other appliances.

 Glass Or Composite Materials Shower Doors

There are two types of frameless shower doors: the ones made of glass and the ones made of composite materials. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Glass is very easy to clean. You can apply powerful cleaning product on the glass surface, without worrying you will ruin it. Also, glass looks better than composite materials and it’s more durable over time. It doesn’t scratch easily and if you maintain your glass frameless shower doors correctly, they will look like new for years. The main downside is the fact that, if something goes very wrong, like moving a heavy object around the bathroom and not paying enough attention, you can break the glass doors and you can seriously hurt yourself.

Composite materials generally imitate the look of glass, only they are lighter and easier to maneuver. Also, you don’t risk breaking them, which is a big plus. But when it comes to maintaining, composite materials don’t have the glass qualities. You need to test the cleaning products before applying them on the frameless shower doors made of composite materials. Many products that clean lime scale and rust actually damage composite materials. Another not so great part is the fact they scratch quite easy. You can’t scrub them with anything abrasive and you need to be very careful around them, form that point of view. In time, the surface will lose the original smoothness and they will look old and burn out much faster than glass doors.

 Frameless Shower Doors – Transparent Or Not?

You can go with both types and the decision you make has to do with the degree of privacy you need in your own bathroom. If you live in a smaller house and you share your bathroom with your children or other family members, perhaps everyone will feel more comfortable with some opaque frameless shower doors. You can find ones made of distorted or clouded glass, which look truly artistic and elegant. Colored glass or composite material is another option for a classy bathroom that in the same time offers intimacy to your family members. If you go with the colored doors, you need to match them with the tiles you used inside the bathroom. Pick a theme: for example, ocean theme, which is perfect for any bathroom. You can install some blue frameless shower doors, which will go very well with white and blue tiling. Add some pale pink tones, to symbolize the sun rising over the ocean.

If you have your own bathroom or if you share it only with your partner, then you should definitely consider transparent or semi-transparent frameless shower doors. They give you the impression of a bigger space and more light, also, transparent, shiny glass is very easy to maintain, the water drops off immediately, leaving you with far less white spots to clean.

 How To Install Frameless Shower Doors

The first step of installing frameless shower doors correctly is to take the correct measurements. As another family member to help you – you can’t do it accurate enough without someone holding the other end of the measurement tape. Repeat the measurement at least once, to make sure you did it right. You can either go to local stores and buy your new doors, or you can search for the best prices on the Internet, Generally, if you buy the doors from a website, it will take a couple of days to be delivered. But, if tour shower enclosure doesn’t have standard measurements, then you’ll have to order them and it will take around a week to have the ready. Ask the manufacturer and the seller if the frameless shower doors you want to buy come with all the hardware and the installing instructions included. Generally, installing them is quite easy. But, if you don’t feel like Mr. Handyman, just ask a professional to come by and have them installed.