Pick The Camping Shoe That Is Best For You

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The Right Camping Shoe

When camping, your tools are what keeps you having fun or making a break for the local store. If you are far out in the wilderness, you don't have of a local store available. So, everything you have with you must be the best it can be.

There are many activities to do when camping, but all if them have one main thing in common; Your feet!

Your feet are so important when you are camping that taking care of them should be your top priority. Picking the right camping shoe for your feet should be the first thing you do after you choose when you are going and where you are going.

Here is some more information on how to pick the best season for camping.

Three things to think about:

  1. Walking - The major activity that every camping trip has in common is walking. Because you are constantly walking, picking the right shoe is important for being comfortable.
  2. Long Distance - When day hiking or backpacking, your shoes have to be extremely durable and protect your feet from all the different conditions you could face.
  3. Difficult Terrain - When out in the wilderness, there are so many different types of terrain that having a shoe that is built to adapt to those challenges is helpful.

All of these reasons should give you an idea of how important the right camping shoe is. If not, think about this.

Your feet are the means for your travel when camping. Without them, you go no where. Yes, you sit down when you are camping, but walking is the most prevalent activity you will do.

If your feet are not taken care of, it can be a disaster. Also, think about camping in constant pain. What fun is going on a camping trip with family and friends and all you can think about is the immense pain you are in from the lousy shoes you have?

Another thing to keep in mind is the wildlife and plant life. Often, campers encounter snakes, bugs, rats,  poison ivy, poison sumac, thorns, and much more.

Your shoes must be able to protect your feet from these things. If your shoe is lacking in any way, it could end up cutting your trip short.

Hopefully I have convinced you to take buying the right camping shoe seriously. Let's look at some different ones.

Different Camping Shoes

Since there are many different types of places to go camping which offer a multitude of conditions, the best thing to do is look at a few different kind of shoes.

  • Waterproof - Waterproof shoes are good for campers because of the wet conditions that are often present when camping. Besides that the weather can change, and walking through streams and shallow rivers, the ground can be wet. Keeping your feet dry is important for keeping your feet away from infections.

Here are a few suggestions on camping shoes that I like:

  1. Heavy Duty - The LaCrosse Mesquite is a great heavy duty camping shoe. It has a zipper in the back and 200g Thinsulate insulation. It has good traction but it is not for long distance walking however.
  2. Middle Of The Road - Readhead All-Purpose Water Boots work well. They are slip on and have a lot of traction. These are useful when it comes to conditions that are too much for tennis shoes but not enough for full-blown boots.

Keep your feet dry at all costs. This is especially important when you are on long backpacking trips.

  • Walking - When you are primarily walking on trails or over easy terrain, picking the right walking shoe is all about comfort and flexibility. You want to pick a shoe that will keep your feet secure but can lose some bulk that the waterproof shoes have.

Here are a few suggestions on camping shoes for walking that I like:

  1. New Balance - The New Balance MW967 is a heavy-duty walking shoe. It is made with waterproof mess and has leather but don't expect this shoe to hold out a lot of wet stuff. But, the shoe is very comfortable and is durable enough to stand up to the wilderness.
  2. Women - I have to go with New Balance again. I like the Women's WW927 walking shoe. The comfort is right on and the durability is excellent. New Balance really has some good shoes for outdoor use.

Just remember when picking your shoes that it is all about comfort, safety, and durability. But it is also about planning ahead.

If you plan on going camping in the winter season, don't pack your light walking shoes. And if you are going camping at a site that has many light trails for walking and is well cleared, don't pick a heavy boot.

After you pick your camping location and time of season that you plan on going camping, then you can pick the proper camping shoe.

Stores You Can Go

I am a big supporter of buying online for the ease and affordability. Some people really don't like doing this with shoes because they want to be able to feel them on.

But if you know your size and the type of shoe you want, buying online can save you time and money.

  • Amazon - Amazon.com is clearly a leader in online shopping. I like this site for the flexibility and the large options it brings. It does have a few drawbacks for me. It does not go into depth like some of the retail stores online that I like. But, if you are looking for a shoe, you can find it on Amazon.
  • Bass Pro Shop - The more I deal with this business, the more I like it. The neat thing about this place is when you buy something from them you know that you are getting something that is made for the outdoors. I particular like this because I can search without worrying about finding something that is not what it seems to be.
  • Walmart - I would say that Walmart should be your last-ditch effort. The prices are nice but the quality of the shoe will not last. You get what you pay for.
  • Ebay - Ebay is fine, but the problem with Ebay is the lack of consistency. You never know what your going to find. On the other hand, that can be a huge benefit when looking for deals. You can find them on Ebay.

There are many more out there, and if you have any suggestions about online stores or camping shoes in general, post a comment below. I would love to read it.