Crib skirts are great nursery accessories. They bring to the room a tidy, elegant look and they protect the crib from scratches and dirt. Baby cribs can look very plain and ordinary without a crib skirt, to complete the bedding set. Also, the skirt covers the support and sides of the mattress, which are visible in an unaesthetic way through the bars of the crib. If you want a flawless nursery, then you definitely need some skirts for the crib. There are bedding sets that come with the skirts included. However, most of them don’t, so you have two options: find some crib skirts sold separately or make your own.


How To Pick Crib Skirts Patterns And Colors

When it comes to the patterns, you need to pick something that matches the color of the wall, the color and the style of the furniture and all the bedding sets you will be using with that crib. Your best option is a to buy a neutral color, one that matches almost anything. You can choose very light colors: white, cream or yellow. They look great, but they will get dirty a lot, so maybe you should go with something a little darker. The prints and the patterns are equally important. Don’t pick something that’s too busy. The crib skirts reach floor level and are meant to hide parts of the crib that you don’t want to see, so there in no point in drawing attention to this area. If your bedding sets don’t include a crib skirt, with the same prints as the rest of the pieces, you have to buy some fabric that works with any blankets and sheets you might be using.


 Crib Skirts - DIY

As for patterns, you can choose a plain or a riffled skirt for your crib. If you can’t find anything suitable to buy, you can always sew your own. It’s a really easy job. Measure all the four sides of the crib. For plain crib skirts, buy a piece of fabric that’s a little longer then the four sides together. For a riffled one, you need to get a piece of fabric that’s the double of the four sides of the crib. You need another piece of material to hold the actual skirt – it’s the one that gets under the mattress. You can find a lot of patterns online and you can download them to help you sew the skirt. Basically, you need to make a rectangle that fits the dimensions of your crib and to attach it to the holder that comes under the mattress. The advantage of making your own skirt is that it’s a lot cheaper the buying one and you will be able to match it perfectly with the furniture, curtains and carpets from the nursery.


 Crib Skirts For Boys

 You can go with a simple, basic blue one. You can also pick some prints that go well with a boy’s room: abstract shapes, stripes, animals, superheroes and other cartoon characters. You should avoid very large, eye-catching prints or very light colors. Any type of simple, lightweight fabric, such as cotton or jersey, work great for skirts. However, make sure it’s a good quality one, that you can wash in your washing machine without worrying about it shrinking. Also, it will be a lot easier if you pick a fabric that doesn’t require ironing to look good.


Crib Skirts For Girls

Well, for baby girls, you can go over the top a little and pick something worthy of a real princess. You can choose elegant, ruffled crib skirts, decorated with lace, for a truly amazing effect. If the crib bedding sets you bought didn’t come with crib skirts, you can find ones sold separately. You can match them with your beddings sets or with other items from the room. You will probably need only one skirt for the crib, but several bedding sets. This is why, when buying the skirt or the fabric to make it, try to match it with something else then the bedding sets. For example, you could buy a larger piece or fabric and make a crib skirt and curtains. This way, the room will be color coordinated and elegant. Also, you can match the crib skirts with the carpet from the baby’s room.