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When a birthday is approaching or the holiday season is near, it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the gifts for guys that are available. Is it really that difficult to know what to get him for his birthday, anniversary, father’s day or the holiday season? The truth is that getting him something that he will enjoy is not as difficult as most people make it out to be. Over complicating things is the reason a lot of guys will get a sweater or a tie as a present. Here are some tips for gifts that will get you more than a fake smile and a “thank you” when you give a gift to a guy.


One of the things that you should know about men is that if it has an on button and it will allow him to watch some sort of moving picture in it he will probably be happy. You may think that not all guys are into electronics and video and you would wrong about that. Even if the man in your life (or the one that you are shopping for) does not seem like someone who spends a lot of time in front of the screen they will probably appreciate some sort of electronic device. You do not even have to spend a lot of money as even a small hand-held video poker game would be enough.

To give a good gift to a man you have to think like a man, and electronics and battery operated devices are what they appreciate. There are things like music players, cell phones, games, video players etc. which you can get him that will make him happy. That means that no matter the budget you will be able to find something that will hit the spot.

Bring His Childhood Back

Electronics will make him happy, but there isn’t much thinking that goes into it. If you really want to impress him, then give him something that will make him feel like a kid again. Ask him questions about what he liked when he was a kid and look for items that fit those memories. One of my favorite toys when I was a kid was a Transformers action figure named Cliff Jumper. I mentioned it to my girlfriend once and she got her hands on the toy on an auction site, paid less than 10 dollars for it and made me the happiest man alive. That is just an example which should tell you that you can really impress him with a small gift that will go a long way.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a great gift, but you need to make sure that it is for something he will want to use. If he uses a website to do his shopping then you can give him a card for that site if available. Does he like a particular restaurant or food type? Then why not look for a gift certificate or card from that site? While gift cards with a credit card logo are good gifts for someone you do not know that well there is the problem that they are something that had no thought that went into it. The other problem is that it is as good as giving him money and unless you are his grandmother you should stay away from that type of gift. The expression is that the thought is what counts, so if you choose to give a gift card make sure that it will tell him that you know what makes him happy.

Take him to the game

Take Him To The Game

Not every guy likes sports, but those that do will appreciate going to see a game for their birthday. You should make sure that you go with him to the game if he is the man in your life. If the gift is for a family member then remember that you need to give two tickets unless you want to go with him. Also keep in mind that the better the seats, the better the gift. You do not have to get the tickets to the big rivalry game as the tickets could not be available, but a pair for his favorite team will be good enough as long as the tickets are decent.

A Night In Town

You do not have to give him an actual present, what is important to him is that he is spending time with a loved one. If you are looking for a gift for the man in your life and he seems to have everything that he wants then take him for a night in the town. Take him to have some of his favorite food, and if you want to keep it simple just for a movie afterwards. He will be happy that he is with you and you will not have to over think the entire process.

Things To Avoid

When looking for gifts for guys there are some things that you will want to avoid, and here are a few of them:

  • Don’t over think it: Even if you think he has everything he could want there is always something simple that will do the trick.
  • Not the usual: Sweaters, ties and shirts are nice, but just like anyone else men like to pick their own clothes. A gift card is a better idea.
  • Get to know him: If you really want to impress him you have to know what he likes. Casually ask questions about the thinks he likes the most
  • Quick getaway: If none of the above gifts seem like a good fit, then a quick getaway is your next best option. Is there a place he wants to go to but never did? Then it is time to make the reservation.

When looking for gifts for guys you have to keep one thing in mind. Most men will not care about the price tag of a gift; the one thing they will care about is if it is fun and that you really thought of him when you were looking for the present.

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