The animated SpongeBob television series has a lot of fans among children of all ages, and SpongeBob toys are also extremely popular. Parents are also thrilled to encourage children’s passion for this character, since the show teaches the children not only about the marine life, but also about friendship, solidarity and exploring the surrounding world. SpongeBob and his friends are characters suitable for all ages and both boys and girls simply love this sweet and funny sea sponge. And, since children enjoy watching SpongeBob series and playing with SpongeBob toys, parents should concentrate on buying toys that will be used by the children for a long time and will also teach them different things.

SpongeBob Toys – Soft Toys And Figures

Is your kid a big fan of the friendly sea sponge and his friends? Offer him or her special companions – SpongeBob toys impersonating the characters from the TV series are very popular and loved by all children. All parents know how important is to encourage toddlers and small children to start playing with other children. These are the perfect instruments to help them socialize, since this particular character it’s really outgoing and has a lot of friends. With any of the plush or action figures on his or her side, you child will start socializing and making friends much easier.

SpongeBob Toys – Puzzles And Board Games

When you get new toys for your child, try to get ones that will allow you to spend quality time together. SpongeBob toys such as puzzles and board games are great from that point of view. Completing a puzzle with you child is rewarding for both of you and it’s a great way to help him or her develop important skills: good coordination, focusing on a task, patience and attention to details. Board games are also a way to distract your children from lazy activities like watching TV for hours and involving them into something interactive. If you have more children of different ages, puzzles and board games are smart choices, which will bring all of them together, enjoying SpongeBob toys.

SpongeBob Toys – Enhance Your Child Creativity

Getting toys that allow your child to actually create something, like paintings, small sculptures or others. SpongeBob toys like “Make your own canvas” sets or “Bead sets” for creating different patterns and jewellery are great for children. They will develop their creativity and taste for art from a very young age, they learn to master fine tactile skills, learn about colors and shapes and how to match them. Other models, like coloring and activity books are also a good acquisition. Children are always more willing to learn something new, like counting or reading, if their favorite character is helping them through the challenging task.

SpongeBob Toys – Decorate Your Child’s Room

You can decorate your child’s room with all his or her favorite SpongeBob toys and other items. You can find a lot of items, like furniture, carpets, bed sheets, decorative objects, all of them with the characters from SpongeBob series. For small children, spending time by themselves on their room or going to sleep in their own bed, without the help of a parent, it’s often stressful. You can release some of this stress and create a friendly environment in your child’s room with their favorite toys and other items. Some soft, plush SpongeBob toys all around the room, a puzzle carpet with all the characters from the animated series and a friendly pillow with everyone’s favorite sea sponge will certainly make your child to enjoy the room.

SpongeBob Toys – Little Scientist

Buying SpongeBob toys for your child will make him or her curious about marine life. The main character from the animated series is a sea sponge, and all his friends are also marine creatures. You can get to your child SpongeBob toys like “Grow your own”, where the child can put a certain character from the animated series in water and they grow. This way, the child will learn about how living creatures grow if we take care of them. These plush and action figures are also a useful tool to teach your children about the environment and how important it is to protect the nature and marine life.

SpongeBob Toys – Kindergarten And School Items

You can make kindergarten and school a lot more appealing to the kids if you get them backpacks, pens, notebooks or exercise books personalized with their favorite characters. SpongeBob toys and other items will create a friendly environment for your kids even when they are away from home.