If you want to pick winning lottery numbers, then you can really use just about any method you desire. Many people will claim that the odds are better with some numbers on certain days, and that you can track them to look for patterns. You can look into the moon phases, and the stars up the sky to pick winning lottery numbers, if you desire. Is this for real? Is there any truth to this at all? Will my odds increase? NO!

Simply put, you cannot track or predict something that is truly random, like winning lottery numbers. The chances of a coin landing heads 12 times in a row are about 1 in 4096. So....you've flipped the coin 11 times and it's landed heads each time. What are the odds that it will land heads again (for the 12th time in a row)? The odds are fifty-fifty, or 1 in 2. Next time you wonder how to pick winning lottery numbers, just make it something near and dear to your heart.

Try to pick winning lottery numbers by using something like your children's (or other relative's) ages or date of birth. While you'll have no better chances of winning the jackpot, you just may end up having a more enjoyable time when you try to pick winning lottery numbers. If the odds are going to remain near impossible, and they will, you may as well have some fun with it.

If you want to pick winning lottery numbers with your heart, you can also choose any numbers that have special significance to you. For example, you could use the amount of children in your family, or anything else of significance to you. I've even heard of people spelling out their own name to pick winning lottery numbers. A would 1 and Z would be 26 for this example.

Take your family out to eat for some great Chinese food to pick winning lottery numbers. Take a look at the fortune cookie you get, most of them now have your lucky digits on them. I'm not sure if anyone has actually won by using them, but at least you could have a nice meal with your family, and have a shot at the jackpot.

If you're wondering how to pick winning lottery numbers, you may even want to consider using the quick selection option available with most games. Essentially, you let a computer pick out some random numbers for you. The odds remain the same, but you will have new, fresh numbers to play and check on each and every week. Some people will only play the games this way, and feel it's more exciting.

I guess the real truth here is that there is no magical how to pick winning lottery numbers answer out there, but it sure is fun. Hey, it's just a buck to buy a couple days worth of dreaming.