Spanish villa with pool (21637)

Do you fancy indulging yourself one of the villas in Spain with pools? This is certainly a big part of the dream vacation for many people, but the good news is that this dream of yours is very achievable.

With the Euro at multi-year low, this is probably the best time for years to plan your vacation to the beautiful and romantic Spain, and to spend an unforgettable week in a luxury villa in Spain with your very own private pool.

How To Pick Among The Villas In Spain With Pools

You may not realize, but there are hundreds of choices of beautiful Spanish villas for rental in each of the websites alone. In other words, it could be overwhelming! During your trip planning, you might want to follow these steps to narrow down the choices:

1. Pick A Location

Spanish villa with poolIs there a special town that is dear to your heart, or a village that you are dying to visit? Then you should start from there. Because you will likely stay in the same villa for at least a week, it is a good idea to check out the activities that you can enjoy in the local town, such as a colorful local market, interesting architecture, magnificent beaches, and exciting water sports.

2. Proximity To Beach vs Magnificent View

Spain is a country with uniquely interesting terrain, which means that you often have the choice of a Spanish villa located very close to the beach, or at an elevated site where you can overlook the beautiful landscape.

This is strictly a personal choice, but I prefer the latter because you'll likely have a car through one of the Spanish car hire services and so proximity of the beach should not be a concern.

3. How Many Rooms Do You Need?

Spanish villa with pool (21636)In most cases, typical holiday villas in Spain have 3-5 rooms and can accommodate 8 to 14 people. Unless you are planning your honeymoon, you can consider this vacation a family gathering or reunion, and this will make the cost of the villa much more affordable.

For couples, you can consider taking only part of the villa to save cost. It might be tough to get such a good deal during the summer, but if you skip the July-August peak season, many villa owners are willing to negotiate.

4. Are You Planning To Bring Kids, Grannies, Or Even Your Pet?

Most villas in Spain welcome children and are relatively children-friendly: some villas have DVD and even play station to keep them entertained. Having said that, pets are generally not allowed.

If you have elderly relatives coming along, please note that many of these villas are built in the traditional style and thus is not accessible by wheel chair.

5. Do You Prefer A Heated Swimming Pool?

If you are vacationing in Spain during the summer, heating is definitely not necessary. However, for other times such as spring and fall this will be much appreciated. An alternative is to find a Spanish villa with an outdoor heated Jacuzzi, if you are just looking for some relaxing time in your swimming suit.

6. Do You Mind Cooking?

Spanish villa with pool (21638)Most if not all Spanish villas come with a full set of cooking utensils and cutlery, and some of the villa owners are thoughtful enough to prepare a "food pack" to help you settled in.

However, if you want to take a break from cooking, then you'll need to check out whether there are decent restaurants nearby. They don't need to be within walking distance if you have a car, but at least the place should be relatively easy to find.

7. Other Items You Should Consider

  • Spain can get very, very hot in summer. Good idea to pick a villa with air conditioning.
  • Most of these villas are non-smoking properties.
  • Internet may be available but in many cases not reliable. Anyway, give your mind a break -- you are vacationing!

Happy planning, and all the best in finding your dream villa in Spain with your very own pool!

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