Shopping for a simple stroller, especially if you are about to become a parent for the first time, might be a little tricky. There are a lot of decisions you need to make: the brand, the style, the size, the accessories and the color. The best strategy is to analyze first your life style and your daily habits. Your main goal is to get a single stroller that will allow you to take your baby with you, everywhere you want to go. Fortunately, there so many types of strollers available, that it’s practically impossible not to find one to suit your needs.


Which Is The Best Single Stroller?

The best single stroller you can buy is the one that suits all your needs. If you’re living in a busy urban area, you need a compact and light stroller, one that you can use on the streets full of people or inside your favorite coffee shop. So, you should check out sport strollers. If you are an active person, you go out a lot and you travel by bus and by plane, a jogging or a travel stroller is the right one. Generally, parents are worried that such strollers are not comfortable enough to be used as main strollers for infants, and they prefer to buy two strollers. They use the larger one most of the time, and when they travel they take the compact stroller. But, if you are under a tight budget and you can’t afford two strollers, then you should get the compact one. They are safe, durable and easy to maneuver. You don’t have to worry about your baby not being comfortable: those strollers have fully reclining seats and are perfectly adjusted for infants.

If you want a solid, durable stroller, get one with all the accessories included - car seat, blanket, footmuff , rain cover and so on. You will be spending a few hundred dollars, but you basically have almost everything you need for taking your baby out, for a walk or for a drive.


Combi Single Stroller – A Good Choice

A good option for people searching for affordable, yet good-quality items is a Combi single stroller. This stroller brands comes with three options for you: Strolee, the lightest, the next size is Flare and the third available model is Cosmo. All the strollers can carry 55 lbs of weight, which makes them suitable for children of all ages, from infants to toddlers.


City Elite Single Stroller, Chic And Comfortable 

Suitable for all terrain, whether you go for a relaxing walk in the park or you and your little one want to pick up the vibe of busy city streets and shops, City Elite single stroller is perfect for you. Easy to handle, compact and light, but in the same time durable and comfortable for the baby, this strollers scores some points in the safety area as well. You can pick among a great variety or models, from full size, four wheels strollers to three wheels joggers.


Single Stroller Reviews Help You Make The Right Choice

If you are unsure about the item you should get for your baby, some single stroller reviews will help you a lot. You’ll find out what other parents think about the items you consider buying and you get a whole new perspective on the qualities and the weak points of each stroller model. When you are shopping online for strollers, auction websites have a review section next to each item they sell. All you have to do is press the button that takes you to the reviews section and you get instant access to valuable information, from parents who used the products and share their experience with other interested parents.


How A Single Stroller Converts To Double?

When buying a single stroller, planning ahead can save you hundreds of dollars. You only need a single stroller now, but in a couple of years a new baby might be on the way. This is why you should purchase a single stroller that converts to double. There are many stroller models that can be transformed in double strollers in a matter of minutes. A second seat with a metal framing that clicks on the two sides of the main stroller can be added easily. The only condition is to buy a model that offers you this type of accessory.