Invite Family and Friends To Share In The Reveal Of The Sex Of Your Baby!

A gender reveal party is becoming more and more popular among families and friends.  A gender reveal party is different from a baby shower, although, you can combine both by simply stating it on the invitation as "gender reveal party and baby shower." Everyone loves the excitement of finding out whether you are having a boy or a girl, even though it doesn't really matter which sex you have, but it's just the excitement of finding out together with family and friends that makes it so thrilling. Besides, you get cake!  So, make an event out of it and celebrate this happy moment with your friends and family.

Step 1: Decide Who Is Going To Keep The BIG Secret

You need to decide who the secret keeper is going to be.  It could be the mother, father, close relative or even the baker of the cake (which could also be any of the above mentioned).  The secret keeper is the only one who will know the actual sex of the baby or babies in the case of twins and multiple births.  The secret keeper will either bake the cake herself or hire a baker to bake the cake with the instructions of using blue food coloring on the INSIDE of the cake for boys and using pink coloring on the INSIDE of the cake if it is a girl.  For twins and other multiple births, well, I hope your baker has a good imagination. But you can get a general idea from the video below how to make a gender reveal cake for multiple births.

Gender Reveal Cake For Twins

If you don't want to have cake, there are other ways to reveal the sex of your baby that can also be just as exciting.  If the color process of the cake is too difficult or you just don't like the idea of food coloring on your food, then you can try revealing the gender of your baby or babies using the balloon method. You can choose to have cake, if you want to but it is not necessary with the ballon method.  Just get a big box, you can get that from present stores, moving and shipping stores, UPS store, or even some post offices may have them.  Then decorate one side with pink wrapping paper and the other side with blue wrapping paper.  Stuff a bunch of pink or blue of balloons inside the box and tie it down with a ribbon.  When the ribbon is cut and to top of the box opens, if it is a boy, then blue ballons will float out. If it is a girl, then pink ballons will float out. You can use your imagination with multiple births. Perhaps instead of colors, you can have ballons printed "it's a boy" and "it's a girl."

Note: Natural sources of food coloring include blueberries, beets, cherries and strawberries.

Gender Reveal Party-Balloon Method

Step 2: Set The Date

The gender reveal party will have to be thrown after the mother's 20th week of pregnancy because that's when the sex of the baby can actually be confirmed.  Gender reveal parties are focused on just the closeness of family and friends getting together for the big reveal. It should not be confused with a baby shower.  Although they can be combine together but it must be stated on the invitations.

Step 3: Have The Invitations Made Up

Gender Reveal Party Invitation

You can get gender reveal invitations from Etsy or you can simply make your own online with an animated card making program or with pastel cards and paper. You can also make your own invitations at CVS or Walgreens or online at Vista Print

In the invitation, ask your guests to wear either pink or blue to symbolize what their guess is-whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.  Separate the pink on one side and the blue on the other side when it is time for the big reveal at the party. If you are combining a the baby shower (which gifts are given) with the reveal party simply state on the invitation where the parents are registered.

Step 4: Pick The Theme Of The Party


Bumble Bee ThemeCredit:

Pick neutral colors for your plates, streamers, balloons and napkins. You can even use equal parts pink and blue. You can also have solid colored-balloons with question marks written on them.  You can also do a cute bumble-bee theme and make it a "What's it going to Bee?" theme with yellow and black bees.

You can also choose Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie mouse.  Where Minnie would represent having a girl and Mickey would represent having a boy.  Have Mickey and Minnie balloons and other party supplies.

You can do just black and white, red, yellow or green themes.  It is really up to you what you do and what theme you decide on. Think about the expenting parents and what might make them happy.

Bumble Bee Theme

They were a little disappointed at the results, but what are you going to do...

Step 5: Make Plans To Have The Cake Baked


Wilton Gender Reveal Cake PanCredit:

The baker should be one of the only people other than the doctor and the parents who know the gender of the baby.  This is because the big reveal of the sex of the baby happens when the parents cut into a specially baked cake which is frosted white on the outside but the inside reveals the color that represents the sex of the baby: pink for girl and blue for boy. If you are the parents to be who are throwing the party and also want to be surprized, then ask the doctor to write it on a piece of paper, immediately seal it in an envelope and give it to the baker with instructions.

It's Reveal Day!

Plan a Game For Your Gender Reveal

You can play many different types of games during a gender reveal party. You can have the children paint eggs pink or blue. You can also play match the celebrity with their baby games to liven things up a bit.  For the celebrity baby name game, just go online and look up celebrities and the names of their babies, then make your own game out of it. Think of a prize that is suitable for your family and friends. You can just play your favorite games if the celebrity baby name game is not your cup of tea.

When it is time for the big reveal, gather around the cake, make sure cameras are at the ready and count down from 5 to 1 or people can chant out "boy" or "girl". Cut your cake an reveal the gender of your baby.  If the party is also a shower, you can open gifts right after the cake reveal.  Otherwise, it's time to just eat, relax, enjoy your friends and family as you share in this beautiful occasion.

Gender Reveal Game: And Also Another Idea For A Reveal Instead of Cake

Formal Gender Reveal

It is your gender reveal party so you can make it as formal or as informal as you want.  There are may couples who are also pregant on their wedding day, so combining the gender reveal cake with a wedding cake is also a great idea.  Imagine, getting married and on the same day finding out whether your baby is going to be a girl or a boy.  Combining your gender reveal party with your wedding is a great way to share that very powerful bond as a family.

Have A Backup Plan In Case of Epic Fails

Ok, we hope that the baker knows what he or she is doing and will actually put the color that represents the baby inside the cake.  However, since we know "things happen", you should always have a back up plan.  So if you decide on cake, make sure you have the game that reveals the name of the baby picked out by the parents, the balloons coming out of the box or another plan.  Always have at least two ways of revealing the baby's gender just in case your first option fails.

Gender Reveal Cake Epic Fail

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