How To Plan A Small Wedding

Simple Steps For The Perfect Small Wedding

Once you've weighed the positives and negatives and finally decided on having a small wedding ceremony, you may be confused about where to start. It will be one of the most important days of your life, and you'd like to make sure that it's executed perfectly. There are many things you need to do in the planning process for a small wedding, that are important to the overall success of how your wedding pans out.

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First, you need to plan on who's attending your small wedding ceremony. The location of the wedding is dependent upon just how many people you want to attend. Compile a list of everyone you feel that it is necessary to come. Keep in mind that this a small wedding ceremony, so you don't have to invite every single person you know. Ideally, you should invite your close friends and close family. Remember that you don't have to invite someone just because you'd feel guilty if you didn't, you should invite people that you want to be there. This is an intimate occasion, and you'd like your closest loved ones there.

If you're feeling bad about leaving some people out, remember that you can keep the wedding ceremony small, and have a large reception afterwards. This way, you can avoid removing the awkwardness, however a small reception is also very rewarding.

Once you figure out who's attending your wedding, you should decide on location. With a limited number of people, your options of where you can have your wedding ceremony are increased. You don't have to host it in a traditional large church, because you don't have tons of people coming. It's okay to have it in a little, beautiful chapel, or even have it outdoors. Another option,is having the wedding in a far away locaiton. With a small number of people, you now have the ability to have your wedding in a better location. It wouldn't be ridiculously expensive to fly several people to a distant location. You can have your wedding on a beach, or any other desired location you'd like. You'll find that with the less people you invite, the greater your options are.

In learning how to plan a small wedding, you must be sure to cover all of the angles. Due to the smaller size, there will not be as many things that you'll have to perfect, but you still need to be on top of your game. With less of an audience attending the wedding, the people who do come will focus on everything more. This means that you should make sure every single detail is perfect.

Make sure that the decorations are exactly how you want them. You will want to plan the colors of the wedding out perfectly. Making sure everything matches perfectly will help your wedding to be more of a success. A wedding planner can usually be avoided if you're having a small ceremony, however you may choose to have one.

The preacher is also a very important aspect in having a small wedding. You'd like to make sure that he's not awkward and will do a good job during the wedding ceremony. You wouldn't want the preacher to be someone that could ruin your perfect day. Make sure that he's performed several weddings and understands how to conduct everything properly. If you regularly attend church, you may just want to pick your own minister.

The menu for the wedding reception is very important. With a limited number of people, you can afford top of the line food. Take suggestions from the few people who are attending your wedding. Find out what would pretty much make everyone happy. This is a special day, and the food should definately be amazing.

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Cover odds and ends, such as everyone's attire, types of flowers, drinks for the reception, etc. You will find that when learning how to plan a small wedding, it isn't as near of a challenge as you might have perceived. It isn't a cakewalk though, and you may stress a little. Just remember that learning how to plan a small wedding can be fun, and you should take as much enjoyment out of it as possible. There are a lot of benefits that can come from having a small wedding (many of which I discussed in an article "The Benefits of Having A Small Wedding"), and the memory will last forever.