Let’s face it.  If you were a kid, your wedding would be boring.  That is right.  Boring.  What could be worse than watching two people kiss all the time?  The adults are talking to each other, dancing, and drinking smelly beverages.  So what is a child to do? 

You can do your part as the bride or groom to ease this childhood boredom and make gift bags for all the kids at your wedding.  Read on for some inexpensive and fun ideas to fill these bags. 

What Is It For?

Before you go off and pick a bunch of great little gifts for the children at your wedding, you and your fiancée should define what a “child” is.  Are you going to give a gift bag for everyone under 10 years old, or are you just going to get a back for the youngest kids?  Whatever age you choose, it is generally a good idea to give different gifts according the age of the children in your wedding.

 These gift bags are completely optional.  They are not considered a wedding “tradition,” and your guests should not be expecting them.  Do not feel obliged to give out gift bags at your wedding.  This is simply a courtesy. 

What To Put In The Bags

Coloring Books

Kids love coloring.  So, go down to your local drug store and grab a couple age and sex appropriate coloring books for about one dollar each.  You do not need to purchase a premium coloring book.  Remember, these are just to keep kids occupied for a couple of hours.    

Do not forget to grab some crayons or colored pencils.  You can usually find very inexpensive coloring utensils at your local dollar store. 

Drawing Paper

Do not forget to add a few pieces of blank paper for the kids to draw on.  You could even add a little challenge and ask the kids to draw you and your new spouse. 


Spice up your gift bags with some cheap books that can be found at a dollar store.  If you cannot afford enough books for one child a piece, you could dedicate a space in your reception hall for children.  In this space, be sure to put some of your favorite books from your childhood. 

Crossword or Word Search

You and your fiancée can have the most fun with the crossword or word search.  Sure, you could just go online and find a typical puzzle game.  But why do that when you could make your own? 

There are many websites on the internet that allow you to make a custom word search or crossword puzzle.  Try to make a puzzle with words and hints inspired by you and your fiancée.  Where did you first meet?  Where did you get engaged?  Where are you going on your honeymoon?  Include all of those words in this puzzle. 

This is a fun and easy gift that is almost completely free!  All you need is a printer and some paper. 


Bubbles are a great and inexpensive gift item if you have an outdoor space for the kids to sneak off to. 


What child does not love candy?  Throw in a little personal touch and include some of your favorite candies.  Make sure to fill the bag too full though otherwise parents might not be too happy with their kids running around with sugar highs. 

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