Ah yes.  The honeymoon.  This is probably the most exciting decision while wedding planning.  It represents a weeklong vacation with just you and your spouse.  No friends.  No family.  And most importantly of all no wedding vendors.  To create a memorable honeymoon, you will need to ask yourselves a few questions and understand your expectations.  Read on to guide you on your journey. 

Tropical or… not?

It is no secret that tropical honeymoons are the be-all and end-all in honeymoons.  They are the most popular and seemingly most “romantic.”  But, maybe crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches are not your thing.  Why not look into a secluded cabin nestled below snow-capped peaks.  Or maybe you might like to vacation in the beautiful and historic surroundings that Europe has to offer.  These honeymoons can be every bit as romantic and memorable as a tropical getaway. 

There is nothing saying you have to honeymoon on the beach, or maybe you already live by the beach and want to get away.  Try to make your honeymoon something special—something completely new for the two of you. 

An Active Or Restful Honeymoon?

Depending on your destination, you may have many other activities available close to your hotel, resort, or cabin.  This could possibly make your honeymoon everything you have ever dreamed of, or it could make your honeymoon busier than your everyday life.  Make that decision before you book your trip—how do you envision your honeymoon?

For example, if you go to someplace in Europe, you will most certainly have to take in some sights and sounds.  If that is what you want to do, then do it.  But, if you intend to stay in your room for the majority of your trip, do not to book a honeymoon where you will feel guilty not visiting local attractions. 

All Inclusive Or Not?Dinner At "Arizona's" On the Water - Sandals Ocho Rios

All-inclusive resorts first started in the mid-20th century and have grown in popularity ever since.  At most all-inclusive resorts, your lodging, food, and alcohol are all included in a package.  It is simple.  It is easy.  It is convenient. 

At first glance, all-inclusive resorts can seem a little pricey, as the final ticket price will almost certainly be higher than lodging costs at any other non-all-inclusive location.  However, when you factor in food and drink for a week (or however long your honeymoon is), the difference will be reversed.  Generally, all-inclusive resorts do wind up costing you less than other options.  Keep in mind, though, that all-inclusive resorts are most popular in tropical areas and can be difficult to find at other honeymoon destinations. 

Honeymoon Registries—Help Defray Your Costs

Do not give up on that exotic honeymoon if you do not have the money.  Many travel agencies and resorts like Sandals offer honeymoon registries, which function in much the same way as your bridal registry.  You and your fiancée can register for various massages, tours, daytrips, or even contributions to offset your lodging and airfare costs.   With a resort like Sandals, you can set up everything online and they will give you free announcements and a website to promote your registry.

A Local Honeymoon

If you really cannot swing a full-fledged trip overseas, try to find a nearby resort town.  The potential savings in airfare alone should help you afford much more grand accommodations.  A local honeymoon can be every bit as memorable as one that is thousands of miles away.  Again, try to make it something that is new for the two of you, and it will make for an even more exciting trip.

Travel Agent Or Do-It-Yourself?

With the popularity of online travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity, most people seem to think that there is no longer a necessity for a travel agent.  With just a few clicks of your mouse, you should be able to find fares and rates as low as what travel agents can find.  However, a travel agent will know all of the ins and outs of honeymoon planning.  When you arrive in the airport in your destination, your travel agent will make sure some form of transportation is waiting for you.  Oh yeah… and they usually can pull out some vouchers for free spa treatments, day trips, and other goodies to sweeten the deal.  Now that is something you cannot do when you book your honeymoon all by yourself. 

Here are some other great questions to ask you and your future spouse when planning your honeymoon:

Do you want to stay in a couple’s only resort? 

This means that no children will be present at the resort.  Also, no one will be trying to “hook-up” with anyone else. 

Do you want a secluded or more populous honeymoon? 

Other vacationers might take away from your experience.  If you want to “get away from it all,” then a secluded honeymoon might be your thing. 

Do you want to go to a country that speaks a different language? 

For some, staying in a country that speaks another language might be exhilarating, but for others, it could mean a barrier to stand in the way of a stress-free honeymoon. 

Do you want an upgraded room? 

Most honeymoon hotels will offer upgraded rooms and suites.  Is a beach front room worth the added cost, or are you comfortable over looking a patch of grass? 

Do you need an updated passport? 

If your honeymoon is right after your wedding, do not even try to update your passport.  There will be too many moving parts and documents that will need to be produced.  Keep it simple, and book your airfare under your maiden name so you only need to produce a driver’s license. 

Do you need vaccinations?

Make sure that you do not need any extra vaccinations in your destination country.  A honeymoon spent in the hospital would certainly dampen spirits. 

Should you leave right after your wedding? 

Unless you receive a great travel deal, it is almost always better to wait at least one night before you and your spouse head out on your honeymoon.  It means less stress and coordination to get to and from the airport.  Your honeymoon is supposed to be stress-free, so why not make the days preceding your honeymoon stress-free as well.