How To Plan For Your Child's First Birthday Party

First birthday parties are always one of the most special events parents will ever plan for their children. It's a huge milestone! Careful planning will ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Here are some very useful tips on how to plan for your child's 1st birthday party.


A simple rule that is crucial to keep


cake (36089)First and foremost, kep it is important to keep in mind that a baby's first birthday party is to celebrate the birth of your child. Keep things simple so that you can do just that! Making things overly complicated will take away from the real reason that you're celebrating in the first place.


Who should you invite to your baby's first birthday party?


Skip the massive number of invitations for baby's first birthday party. Only invite those who are special friends and family. Make certain that the number of guests that you are inviting is manageable for the space that you'll be having your daughter or son's first birthday party. If you plan on inviting other toddlers or babies, keep the number as low as possible - around 5-8 guests. Count parents as guests as well. You'll certainly want their help in looking after the children.

When should you schedule your baby's first birthday?


A one year old toddler or baby doesn't have a very lengthy attention span. Over doing it will create one cranky, crying baby and if that happens, no one - including the birthday girl or boy - is going to have a good time!

Keep the party rather short, an hour to 1 1/2 hours is really the most a child who is one can handle well.

Try to schedule around naps so that your prince or princess' party is beginning when he or she is well rested for the birthday party to avoid a tired, cranky baby.

Generally, parties should be scheduled on the weekends as it will work out for parent's schedules as well as other adult guests.

I want to reinterate here the obvious again - Baby's First Birthday is a time to celebrate your baby's birth and the milestone of her or his first year of life. Nothing is more important than baby, mom, dad and siblings, if there are any. Make certain that you set aside special time for only these people at the end of the day. Nothing could make this oh-so special day more memorable.

What Types of Foods Should You Serve At Your Child's First Birthday Party?


Cake is generally served at most birthday parties. In addition to birthday cake, finger foods are ideal. However, it is not necessary to provide food.

Before making ANY decisions on foods, check with EACH and EVERY parent to find out if there are any food allergies or safety issues regarding food that you might serve. This really is a must.

Expect The Unexpected:


Remember, you're dealing with toddlers. Even if this is your first child, you've been a parent for a year now. Their tempers, moods and behavior is about as predictable as an earthquake (and sometimes as destructive!)!

To keep things as calm and relaxed as possible, recruit a trusted friend or relative to be there to lend a hand. The only guarantee is that there will be a diaper to be changed, a boo boo to kiss, a tantrum to calm or a spill to clean and an extra pair of hands to help with your child and the messes will be an absolute God Sent.

Should You Have Games At A First Birthday Party?


Not for the children, but adults may enjoy a couple games. Babies really aren't able to play games. Any game that you plan should be decided upon with your adult guest involved.

One way to involve an extra activity for your child's special day is to play the "You Are So Special" game. To do this you'll need a recent photo of your baby in a cardboard mat frame with a wide edge. Set the photo on a table along wiht some acid-free markers or gel pens. Invite your adult guests to add a message for your baby. It should read: "You are so special because....Love,." After the birthday party has ended, place the photo with special messages from your guests in a glass frame and hang it in your baby's nursery or other place in your home. Now, you have an extra special keepsake of your baby's first birthday party that will evoke memories that you'll treasure always.

Another way to create a keepsake involving guests is to play the Messages to Baby game.

Prepare a plastic showbox container by decorating it before the party begins. Place it on a table along with pens and paper. Ask the guests to write a special note to your little one that he or she will read when they are older. Guests may choose topics like, "My hopes and dreams for you are...." or "You've touched my life in this way...." "I love this about you...." "I love you beacause...".



Now, store the box away as an extra special keepsake for your child when they are older.


1st birthdayBuying a birthday shirt in your child's size is an alternative to either game, messages can be wrote on the shirt.