Maui Vacation on a Budget

Maui is known for its beautiful beaches. Visitors will not only enjoy swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling but also shopping, dining out in restaurants and enjoy the nightlife. The western and southern part of Maui is known to be filled with hotels and condos with many of these restaurants and shops but you need to start your research early on when planning your vacation trip.

If you want to save money for your upcoming Maui vacation, the following information in this article will be able to help make your Maui vacation enjoyable and affordable, even on a budget.

Things You Will Need

A plan or itinerary, money

Step 1

Purchase a good updated travel guide book. This is helpful from the time that you're planning your trip up until you'll arrive in Maui since you can still check what's the latest things about the place that you're visiting.

These travel guide books will generally include reviews of discounted car rentals, restaurants, and various activities and guide maps for your trip. It can also direct you to a variety of websites that will offer a list of affordable private rentals, hotels and condos for your accommodation.

Step 2

Plan your Maui trip during off-season where plane tickets are sold at the cheapest price. Aside from saving for your ticket fares, you can also escape the cold weather at home if you plan to visit Maui during the winter season.

Avoid going there during Christmas season since this is one of the busiest time to travel as well as summer time because school is not in session. You may also save a lot of money if you'll buy your tickets online. Buy your airline tickets 8 - 10 months ahead of time to add more of your savings.

Try to plan your trip to Maui during spring time starting from April up until June or the fall season from September to December because most of the prices on flights, car rentals and hotels will be lower due to lower demand of these kind of services. You'll have more privacy because the island will be less crowded too.

Step 3

Book a flight since you still need to fly in order to reach Maui. You can easily get direct flights from various airlines. You can also fly and reach the smaller airports in Maui, Kapalua or Hana if you want to visit other Hawaiian islands.

Be flexible with the dates of your flight. Plane tickets could be the most expensive during holiday vacation. You can save a lot by using a website that will give you a detailed comparison of airline tickets for Maui.

The more flexible you are with the dates of your flight, the more you save because some of these airlines headed for Maui may also offer a deep discount for a Hawaiian vacation especially not during the holidays. You may not know the specific airline that you'll be flying on with, but you can also save hundreds of dollars for your trip.

Step 4

Stay outside from those five star resort areas in larger cities. Some of the places that are expensive are those nearby the white sand beaches. You can just rent a car and travel 15 up to 25 minutes away from those pricey resorts. The cities near the bigger ones are also beautiful and has plenty of affordable rentals, hotels and condos to stay in.

You can still enjoy staying in small hotels like the Ka'anapali beach hotel. You'll not worry when it comes to a big crowd of people and it also offers lots of free activities. It is located in the heart of Ka'anapali. You can also choose a condo. Generally, condos in Maui are cheaper compared to hotels. When you're in a condo, you'll enjoy cooking fresh sea foods because most of the condos have refrigerators and microwaves.

Even if you'll stay in cheaper hotels, you might end up eating out most of the time that could easily upset your budget due to expensive foods in the city's restaurants. You can really save money on food if you'll stay in a condo when you decide to cook your own food. Many tourists like to choose a Maui vacation rental. These rentals are personally owned but are usually managed by resort companies.

If you can get a vacation rental, you'll be saving a great deal due to its very low rate and it's also advisable for large group of families who want to be together during their vacation. Most vacation rentals will provide guests with the same amenities that hotels can offer. You can also select affordable hostels generally reserved for college students and working class people with a low budget.

The rooms in hostels usually have hot and cold showers, bunk beds, wireless internet connection, and offer free breakfast at around $25-$35. Some of these hostels provide separate rooms for families and couples traveling on a budget. A few examples of these are "The North Shore Hostel", "Rainbow Surf Hostel Paia Maui" and "The Banana Bungalow Maui Hostel". You can still research for more affordable hostels in Maui and if you can find a cheaper one then you'll enjoy the big savings on accommodation during your vacation.

Hostels are usually not offered for monthly rentals because these are not apartments. Hostels will extend their services to people who usually travel in groups for a certain period of time and they will ask for departure tickets before anyone can stay. They also provide transportation and other amenities that are great for a group of people having class field trips.

You can also choose a Maui private vacation home rental especially for a larger group of people vacationing in the city. Many visitors choose this kind of rental when there is a special occasion like a wedding or any important celebration. A vacation home rental would be affordable and very comfortable for your guests during this memorable event.

Step 5

Include in your itinerary snorkeling and swimming activities that are free and open to the public. For example, visit the famous curved and sandy shore of Kapalua beach including the Baby beach which is popular for its large enclosed shallows. Just remember to use only waterproof sunscreen because if it's not waterproof, it can be washed off into the water and acts as a pollutant into the sea.
Going to Maui for a holiday vacation will not break your budget because there are plenty of low-budget and free activities throughout the island. Make a plan where you can assign a budget starting from your plane tickets and so that you can enjoy your stay in this magnificent and beautiful place. By creating a plan for your budget, you'll be able to make informed decisions on what you can only afford.

Tips & Warnings


Choosing a vacation rental or a condo with a kitchen will save you money on meals during your trip. You can just shop at a local Maui grocery store and prepare your own food.

Enjoy having a picnic lunch to Hookipa Park, a place famous for the world's windsurfing championships. It is so relaxing to see those colorful sails blowing up from the wave tops.

Avoid renting a car if you're planning to stay mostly on the beach especially if you're staying in a condo, hotel or those rentals where you can just walk to the nearby shops and restaurants.

Most of the car rentals at Maui have plenty of jeeps and if you plan to drive one, you can just negotiate for a cheaper price.

Prepare in advance your activities so that you can visit the famous areas in Maui, Hawaii. If you are adventurous, you can drive through the roads of Hana where you can see red-sand beaches and hidden swimming holes but you also need to be extra careful on those winding and narrow roads.

You may be able to view some of Maui's humpback whales breaching if you'll visit betw een the middle of November and April to experience the beauty and magnificent movements of these amazing sea animals so be ready to pack well for this trip.

Pick up the trash flowing on the water and put it inside the garbage bin. If you can see plastic bags on the beach, try to pick them up because if they're blown into the sea by the wind, sea turtles can view these plastic bags as jellyfish. If they eat these floating plastics, they can get very ill or later on die as a result of people's improper garbage disposal.


Check first all the prices for airports in your area because it could be worth driving a bit further than spending more money for the closest airport during your departure flight. Consider flying to Honolulu followed by taking an inter island flight to Maui instead of flying directly to Maui.

Most of the inter-island flights are priced a lot cheaper for each person. It's expensive to fly directly to Maui from the mainland than via to Honolulu.

Swim only at beaches with lifeguards and read posted warnings in certain areas. Don't attempt to swim through the water's edge during a big surf.

You can't rely only through your board so if you are not good in swimming, be very careful of Hawaii's huge waves. Signal for help if you're not be able to swim due to a strong current.

Never surf or body board when you can see big waves unless you are very good in surfing. Watch the surf for at least 10 to 15 minutes prior going into the water and watch your children carefully if they are also swimming with you.

Stand only in sandy areas and never on the reef. Don't remove anything natural from Maui's preserve because you might end up paying a hefty fine.

The reef can be the rocky areas that are covered with thin layers of living organisms and young corals. They're very sensitive and delicate, so avoid touching them.