Hosting a "Sweet As Can Bee" baby shower is as easy as A-Bee-C! This adorable theme works for either gender, making it a great choice when the parents-to-bee want to keep baby's gender a surprise until baby's birth day.

Honeybee- and bumblebee-inspired décor, paper goods and baby shower favours are readily available at local party-supply stores and online. As the host, you simply have to choose a venue, create a menu and, along with the mum-to-bee, of course, decide on the date, time and guest list. Then, choose your favuorites from the plethora of bee-themed items!

  • Invitations

Buy playful bee invitations at a party supply store or online, or create your own on the computer. To get you started, here are a couple of suggestions for wording your invitation:


Our mum-to-bee is so excited!

Time to party! You're invited!

Join us on the date and hour

For a "Sweet As Can Bee" baby shower!


We're all abuzz, as you can see!

For a baby sweet as sweet can bee!

The mum-to-be can hardly wait,

So please come help us celebrate!

Do not forget to include the date, time, location, RSVP contact information and the store(s) at which mum and dad have registered for baby gifts.

  • Centerpiece

For a simple table centerpiece idea, buy bee-shaped balloons (or black and yellow balloons) and tie them onto a big stuffed bee to put on the table for a simple centerpiece. Diaper cakes also make wonderful centerpieces and, after the shower, you can present the diaper cake to the guest of honor. Look for bee-themed diaper cakes, including one from Burt's Bees, which is decorated with several of Burt's Bees baby products. If you are on a tight budget, a bee-shaped cake for dessert also makes a super centerpiece.

  • Bee Décor

Happily, there is no dearth of honeybee- and bumblebee-inspired baby shower décor. Bees often buzz around gardens, so imagine a bee-utiful garden and recreate it with fake trees, garden statues, fountains and, of course, flowers. Place the flowers (big sunflowers or black-eyed Susans are perfect!) in flower pots and glue or wire bee ornaments on the petals and leaves. Place the flower pots around the room, on the buffet table and on the reception tables.

Other decorations include bee balloons, beeswax candles, honey pots, bee-themed baby shower plates, napkins, cups, bee-inspired fabric for a tablecloth, and consider hanging different-sized decorative bees from the ceiling with fishing wire.

  • Menu

Naturally, you can serve whatever you would like. If the guest of honor has some favourite dishes, you might want to include them. But also think about ways to incorporate the sweet-as-can-bee theme into your menu with delicious things like honey buns, tea with honey, chicken tenders with honey-mustard dip, bee-hive cupcakes, a bee-shaped or bee hive-shaped cake (also great for a centerpiece!), etc.

  • Games

With all the baby shower games to choose from, finding a few everyone will enjoy is easy, but if you want to stick with your theme, here are a couple of game ideas:

How Well Do You Know the Mum-to-Bee?

1) Devise a list of questions like these: What is Mum's full name? When is her due date? What is her favorite dessert? How many brothers and sisters does she have? What is her favourite TV show? What is her place of birth? Who is her favurite singer or band? Since you probably know the guest of honor quite well, you will have no trouble coming up with 20 or so questions.

2) Get the answers to all the questions from the expectant mum and make an answer sheet.

3) Create the game sheet by placing the name of the game at the top and then listing each question on a separate line with a line or space at the end for the answer. Make enough copies for all the guests.

4) At the shower, provide each guest with a game sheet and a pencil or pen, and give them five or ten minutes to complete their answers. Whoever has the most correct answers wins a prize (a small box of candy or some other inexpensive token). In case of a tie, have a few more "mum" questions ready to break the tie.

Cotton Ball and Bee Scoop

You'll need two large bowls, a large spoon, small fuzzy faux bees and cotton balls.

Fill one bowl with cotton balls and fuzzy bees, Place the empty bowl on the player's head with the open part of the bowl facing toward the ceiling, blind-fold her and place the bowl filled with cotton balls and bees in her lap. Give the player the large spoon and have her ladle the cotton balls from the bowl in her lap to the bowl on her head (you will need to hold the bowl on her head). See how many she can get in a time limit. Expect some big laughs, because the players usually do not pick anything up, even though they are so careful!

  • Favours

Look for baby shower favours that express your theme, like the "Sweet as Can Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper or the "Sweet as Can Bee" Honey-Scented Bee Hive Candle. Guest appreciate a thank-you gift for helping you celebrate the occasion!

You can be sure that, with this delightful baby shower theme, everyone will be buzzing about your party-hosting talents the very next day!

Sweet As Can Bee Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper