How to plant a tree or how to plant some flowers! Well, it does not sound as if How To Plant is a big problem, - after all, what you do is merely to dig a hole in your garden and place the roots of the tree or flowers in the hole, and then finally cover the roots with some earth. But trust me, it takes a little more knowledge than that in order to get some good and lasting results in your garden. If you have never laid out a new garden, or have made some major changes in your garden, then it is a good idea to learn how to plant by reading some gardening tips for beginners.
Let us start by assuming that you have always liked the idea of planting a garden and in your garden grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Or that you are looking forward to enjoy the calmness that comes from relaxing in the garden after a great job of having created your private miniature park, where your garden has been landscaped by yourself, based upon your dreams and personal taste. But you have never got around to learning exactly how to plant.
Well that is where this article come in as a good starting point. This article will give you some very handy tips and tricks of the trade, and the result will be that you will know how to plant in a garden like a pro in no time at all. By the end of this article you might not be the next Tom Thumb, but I guarantee you will know how to plant, and know how to plant successfully.
Gardening is a great past time for many different reasons. Maybe you are looking forward to the day when you later on are relaxing, sitting back in a garden chair, and watching your hard work literally grow in front of your eyes. Or maybe you just love the taste of organic fresh fruits and veggies. Learning how to plant is an easy task to accomplish once you know where and how to start. So lets get down to it:
Many start out their garden project with great enthusiasm. However, when you first begin to plan your gardening project, then you might have the propensity to actually over garden due to the new found love of the craft of gardening. But this enthusiasm can actually harm your garden. For instance, by over raking your soil you can make the top layer of the soil very thin, which eventually will cause it to turn to mud and not hold nutrients well at all. Furthermore, you need to learn when it is the most opportune times to plant. As a general rule it is best to plant on a cloudy day, in the late afternoon or right before or after it rains. This will keep the plants from enduring unnecessary stress, which eventually could lead to a small growing harvest or premature plants (or even worse, if you don't water the new plants, the plants will die).
Enthusiastic gardening beginners have one more way of over gardening. The beginners look in a lot of catalogues that have a large variety of trees and flowers for sale. And of course they search the Internet where there will be many different links to different information, such as: Lavender and Roses for sale online. Strawberry plants for sale online. And Blueberry plants for sale online, and so on. And all this information will result in a big temptation for the gardening beginner, he will in this dream phase of the garden planning think: Oh yes, I want that too! And I want many, and bigger! And the list gets longer and longer!
When you make plans about what to plant in your garden, then remember that the trees and plants you buy might be small but they will grow. Some plants will even multiply themselves, such as strawberry plants and flower bulbs.
Of course you will most likely buy several different plants, and different sizes and colors. And the question is therefore, which plants are good matches. In my opinion, one of the perfect matches is different colored roses in a flowerbed with a border of lavender around the rose flowerbed. This will not only look pretty, but you will enjoy the scent too.
Strawberry plants can also very well be mixed. Have several different sorts of strawberries that give berries at different weeks during the strawberry season. And regard the strawberry plant as more than a fruit provider. Strawberry plants are very decorative with white flowers during the spring, then the tasty red berries, and later on nice colored leaves until the plants might be covered by snow. Strawberry plants will be good for the eyes as well as for your mouth.
If you have soil that can be compared to the soil in a forest, then how about planting blueberry plants, they too are very decorative, and the blueberries are extremely healthy.
When you actually plant the different plants, make sure you plant them to a depth similar to that in which the plant was planted inside the container it came in when you bought it.
Start your garden off small and build upon it over time so that as your garden progresses, and at the same time, so will your knowledge of planting, and by the time you have a large scale garden you will also be experienced in the craft of gardening.
Learning how to plant is a long journey, and each day you will learn something new, but that is a part of the beauty of planting in general. As time progresses, your knowledge of planting will blossom at a speed congruent with the success of your garden, and you will surely be happy with the results. Just remember these small tips on how to plant. Use this article as your starting point when you research the topic of how to plant more thoroughly. Buy books or subscribe to garden magazines with Gardening Tips for Beginners, and you will be ready to plant in no time!