Here Is An Addictive Helicopter Game To Play

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I have created a fun addictive helicopter game for everyone to play. The fun part about this is that the helicopters you use are inexpensive. They fly on their own and they are electric.

The Game

The game is called helicopter landing. The object of the game it to land your helicopter on the other persons heli pad. The winner of the game gets to add a heli pad the opponents line of pads.

The first person to 5 heli pads wins. The theory behind the game is that the helicopters are building landing pads so they can take over the rival helicopter gang. Once all five heli pads are in place, then the take over is complete.

How To Play

Each side starts out with one heli pad each. The heli pads are 7 yards apart and in a straight line from one another. The heli pads are 4 feet above the ground and the pad is 12 inches wide. It is a flat surface that the helicopter can land on.

Both helicopters start at on their own heli pad and lift off at a designated starting time that both teams choose.

The goal is to land the helicopter on the opponents Heli Pad. If you can do this, play stops and you ad a new heli pad to the game.

You then move your helicopters back to the original starting points and start over again.

You have the ability to block the opponents helicopter by protecting your Addictive Helicopter Game Heli Pad with gates. The gates are two inches high and 3 inches wide. They attach to the front of the pads to block the opposing teams helicopter from landing.

Every time you land on your opponents pad, you can add a gate to your pad to block the other helicopter.


The only way to win the best addictive helicopter game is to build 5 different heli pads on the oponents side.

Once you do this, you must land on the fifth pad and then you are the winner. The game is over and  your gang can take over.

Helicopters To Use

I have become really partial to the  New Syma 3 Channel S107 Mini Indoor Co-Axial Metal Body Frame & Built-in Gyroscope RC Remote Controlled Helicopter (Colors may vary). These things are great to use for this game.

These helicopters are really awesome. They fly great and don't spin out. There is a trim button but you don't really need it.

The speed is good for indoor use. The instructions say that it is meant for indoors but I have used this outside and works well to. If there is a strong wind, then there will be a problem.

But these helicopters are great for your addictive helicopter game.

The price is real inexpensive and they come in multiple colors. One great aspect of these helicopters is the way they are charged. You can charge the battery through your computer with a USB port.

They are also very reliable. These things will last crash after crash. But they are light so don't go overboard with them.

More Info

If you are interested in learning more info, check out Addictive Helicopter Game: How To Make A Heli Pad. This will show you how to build the Heli Pad used in the game.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it and have fun playing the game.