Game Basics

Restaurant games on Facebook have been a very popular genre for some time. One of the first games was Cafe World by Zynga. A new title currently on the site is called CafeLand. In this game you get your own small restaurant to build up by serving your guests food. As the player levels up they gain access to different dishes and they can add more stoves, counters and other decoration to their growing cafe. Quests help the player learn more about the game and give them valuable rewards for playing. Guests will complain if you don't have enough food or chairs to sit on.

Making Food

Making food for your guests is very easy in the game. First you need to click on a free stove and select a dish to serve your guests. Each dish will take some game time before it's ready. You must have free counter tops for different dishes but servings of the same type will stack upon each other on the countertop. As you level up you'll gain access to more dishes which take longer game time to produce but give you more money to help with your cafe building. You have over twenty different pages of food items to choose from including hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, tomato soup, carrot salad, tuna fish salad, breakfast plate, grilled steak, chocolate chip cookies, Mexican taco, and many more selections.

Building The Cafe

Like many Facebook restaurant games you have a whole host of building options in the game. Visit the decoration section to see all the options you have to work with.

Here's a listing of the sections.

Chairs - Pick from a large assortment of seating for your cafe guests.
Tables - Pick from a wide selection of tables for your quests.
Floors - Get new florring titles here.
Wallpapers - get new wallpapers here for your new cafe.
Floor Decorations - get decorations for the floor
Wall Decorations - Place fun decorations on your cafe walls.
Windows and Doors - Get new windows and different doors for your new cafe.
Flags - Buy your country flag here with game cash.
Plants - Buy a wide assortment of plants and shrubs for your cafe.
Counters - Change the style and color of your food countertops.
Stoves - Get new stove styles here.
Drink Machines - Buy new drinks for your guests.
Tills - Get new tills for your cafe cash.
Fun - Get fun cafe items such as music or animals.
Warehouse - View your extra items you are not using in the game here.


To the right of the game you can complete a number of different game quests. As you play more quests arrive to the left of the game. Keep doing quests since these will give you valuable rewards such as food items for your cafe patrons. You can do these quests in any order you like. You get coins and experience from completing quests too.

Cleaning Up, Tips and Expansions

Sometimes patrons will lave tips on your table so be sure to pick those up for extra cash. You'll also need to cean up spills and footprints left on your floors too. You'll find that you run out of room in short order so be sure to click the expansion link and get a larger cafe. You'll need to levl your cafe to reach the higher level expansions in the game. Be sure to buy enough stoves and countertops as you expand to accomodate the food requirements of your quests.

Game Play Tips

Be sure to cook food that will be ready when you log on so it doesn't spoil on you. As you level up you'll get additional food items that will be ready when you log into the game if you are away for a longer period like one day. Expand your cafe when possible since a larger cafe gives you more room for tables and chairs and more quests which bring you in more money. Click on patrons to read their opinions of your cafe and pay atatention to angry faces which give you an indication which areas in your cafe you need to improve.You can change your employees outfits by clicking on the shirt icon and choosing a new style for them.

Build Your Own Cafe on Facebook

While CafeLand doesn't offer the wide selection of game options that a game such as Cafe World by Zynga does this title does look nice and there's already a great selection of food and decorative items for your new cafe. If you are looking for a new cafe themed game and are tired of the popups and other annoyances you find in similar titles give Cafeland a try.

Cafe Land Screenshots

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