Game Guide to Playing CastleVille

Zynga is a top facebook game developer and their latest game is called CastleVille. In the game you will start off small with just an open area to build on. As you meet various characters in the game more of the map willbe uncovered. This covered area is called “gloom” and you’ll need items to unlock the gloom areas and expand your kingdom.  You may encounter creatures during play that you’ll need to fight off. There are various structures in the game such as homes, a barracks, castle walls, and many different crafting shops such as the workshop or kitche where you’ll gather up items and make various goods that will help you build up your new castle.

Players can cut down trees and mine for stone which you’ll use to build various structures.  Many of the structures require your Facebook friends to run them much like what occurs in CityVille. Buildings are taxed and you’ll receive coins as you collect from each structure. Follow the quests to learn how to construct structures in the game. 

CastleVille Guide Farming and Animals

Like Zynga's game Farmville, this game features crops and the raising of animals. In the game marketplace you’ll find various crops for your new kingdom. Crops give coins, experience, and like other Zynga games they wither too so pick crops that will be ready when you log into the game. Once you get wheat that is a great selection since it’s ready in 24 hours which gives you time to do other things. The game also features baby animals which grow into adults when you feed them. Animals also drop loot parts such as eggs, chicken meat, and other products which can help you craft the various goods in the game. You will start with some chickens and a few cows after you complete a couple of quests early on in your game. You can also collect items from flowers in the game.

Crafting in the CastleVille Video Game

The game has a big crafting element and you’ll make many of the things you need in the game. The first crafting building is the workshop and here you’ll make wooden planks, stone bars, gold bars, a club, potions, and other items.  Crafting items takes game time until you can use the new item. Some structures require parts that are either gifted by Facebook friends or crafted in these structures. Quests might require a specific part that you can make in your new crafting shops.

Castle Level and Reputation Points

In the game your castle has a specific level. You can raise that level by building what are called “royalty” buildings. This consists of things such as a barracks, walls, a practice dummy, a tower, and so on. Once you have a higher castle level you can explore into the gloom and expand your new realm. The higher your castle levels the more areas you’ll unlock and new characters you’ll meet in the game. Reputation points are found by visiting neighbours in the game. These points are very important since you can buy a bunch of game items with them they don’t just sit there doing nothing. While the game currently doesn’t have many reputation items this should change later on as the game develops further with new items.

Visiting Friends in CastleVille

CastleVille Game

Visiting facebook friends in the game is very important since you’ll gain reputation points along with coins and energy. It’s worth it to visit your neighbours often in the game. Like the other games by Facebook game developer Zynga you can send gifts back and forth along with items you’ll need to complete structures in the game. The game also features the annoying energy system and you can only store fifteen energy points from friends in your inventory which is far too small.

More CastleVille Guides Soon

CastleVille is a fun game and it’s just getting started be sure to check back often for more guides and information of this new game. CastleVille not only looks great for a Facebook game it’s Zynga’s best game to date and it incorporates many of the game play elements that made it’s previous titles so successful.  CastleVille by Zynga is well worth playing on Facebook and one of the better social networking games you can play on the site.