Play Chord Diagrams

Many of the classic songs and modern hits you would like to play can be played using just a few basic chords.Although it will take a little time to get the hang of playing guitar chords following chord diagrams make the process much easier.

Chord diagrams are by far the easiest way to learn and play your favorite songs on Guitar.The chord diagram is like a picture of the fret board of your guitar with dots and sometimes numbers showing were to place your fingers.Chord diagrams should not be confused with the more intricate guitar tab.Although guitar tabs are presented in a similar format they show how to play finger style pieces like solos.

The Chord Diagram Explained

Chord Diagram

The chord diagram above shows five frets on the guitar and the six strings E A D G B E.The string closest to you is actually called the sixth string with the string furthest away called the first string.

Example Chord A Major

Chord Diagram For A

The diagram above shows the chord A Major.The X at the sixth string tells you to not hit that string. when playing.The O beside the second and sixth strings tell you to play them as open, hit them while strumming.The third, forth and fifth strings have black dots on them, this tells you to place your fingers on these strings.As all the black dots are on the second fret you know to place your fingers on the third string second fret, fourth string second fret and fifth string second fret.

The Most Used Chords

This image again shows how you use diagrams and includes the chords you will need most.

The Most Used Chords

Many websites provide you with your favorite songs using chord diagrams.Sites like Play On Acoustic have lots of songs listed with lyrics and chord diagrams.

Happy Playing !