Edgeworld Game Guide: The Basics

Edgeworld is a base build strategy war game you can play on Facebook. It's very similar to the hit Facebook game Backyard Monsters. Players mine resources and use those resources to build base structures such as barracks or a defensive turret. Players also use resources to build a wide variety of combat units through their barracks structure. Players have the option to attack NPCs  or go full player on player and fight other Facebook users playing   Periodically as you play NPCs will test your defenses, keeping you on your toes. The game also features a wide number of quests for rewards.

How To Play Edgeworld On Facebook

Collecting Resources

In the game players have a number of resources to collect including crystals, gas, uranium and power. Players can upgrade each one of these structures to ramp up the production levels and then build supply depots to hold the excess resources. Buildings in the game all require resources to build and you'll need a huge production base to keep up with the demands of the game. Combat units also require resources to build. Visit the barracks to see the resource requirements for each combat unit features in Edgeworld.

Base Defenses

A big part of your game play will be to protect your base. You have several different defensive structures for your base. The gun turret is your basic defense. The cannon fires missiles and are a better defense weapon that is good against weaker units in groups. The concussion turret weakens and slows down enemy units making them easier to kill for your other defensive structures. The Tesla tower is another defensive turret you can buy at higher levels which damages multiple units. Be sure to build a bunch of turrets to cover your whole base. Each turret has a range which will show up as a green circle. Make sure you can protect your valuable structures such as your resource buildings with enough firepower. Upgrade your turrets whenever possible for added defense and power. 

Combat Units

The game features a wide number of combat units you can deploy against your enemies. Build combat units in the barracks and use the tech lab to research additional units. Be sure to upgrade these buildings to unlock all the various units in the game.

 Marine - basic Infantry unit equipped with assault rifle.

Rhino - armored alien that used a horn as a battering ram.

Raider - uses suction packs to drain enemy resources

Pyro - armed with duel flamethrowers.

Hornet - armored gunship with pulse cannons that sting targets.

Specter - Special alien unit that can do long ranged attacks.

Titan - heavily armored combat unit.

Shrike - fast vehicles driven by marines and armed with laser cannons.

Disruptor - heavily armored vehicles that can take punishment.

Combat Operations

To conduct combat you'll need to visit the game map which is the planet icon near the bottom of your screen. From this location you can choose from either NPC bases or Facebook users. If you pick players you can view their level and scout their base prior to attack. It's a good idea to fight users at your near your level since you won't be able to beat higher level opponents in the game. Once you have a target click scout to get a feel for their base and then the attack button at the top of the screen. Play against the NPC bases until you are powerful enough to fight against other Facebook players. You can do game quests and attack NPC players or just do random attacks and see what happens.

Build Menu

From the build menu you have three options, defense, resources, and combat. Here is a listing of the basic game structures:

Crystal Mine

Gas Refinery

Solar Plant


Supply Depot

Gun Turret

X-1 Cannon

Concussion Turret

Tesla Tower

Staging Area


Tech Lab


Edgeworld Game Guide: Game Tips

You need high levels of resources so be sure to concentrate on resources structures in the early game. Upgrade these structures as much as possible and get supply depots to hold the excess in reserves. Once you have a good economy going you can begin to train military units and research new ones for your base but don’t neglect your defensive structures. Make sure you have your entire base covered by turrets since it's annoying in the early game to have your whole base destroyed and have to wait for it to repair which cuts into your building time. Do the game quests since you'll learn more about the game and get rewards for completing each quest. Some quests will give you experience fighting other NPC bases so you'll learn how combat works too.