Game Guides: How To Play Galactic Allies on Facebook

Galactic Allies is a space exploration adventure game. Build up your fleet and take multiple story driven missions across the galaxy. Collect resources and coins from planets to complete many missions in the game. As you play you’ll put your fleet up against many different pirates and other vessels. Use your home base to buy new ships and unlock various weapons and other upgrades with special keys. The game also uses the familiar Facebook game energy system to complete missions and explore planets. Energy replenishes over time as you play the game.


Galactic Allies features many story driven missions. To the left of the game screen you’ll find the story quest icons. Take each mission as they appear in the game. You’ll engage pirates, mine for resources, and do other tasks as you play. Each mission will build upon each other as you play through the game story. You can feel free to mine for resources on planets when you don’t feel like playing through the story or just engage pirates. As you level up you’ll unlock new areas and places to explore on each planet and receive more missions.

Galactic Allies Splash Screen

Star Map

The star map shows you where you can currently travel in the game. Each system has various areras you can visit. Click on the area and see what you can do. You’ll need to engage pirates before you can land on a planet and begin mining operations. Look for the yellow icons which indicate that there is a mission you need to do there. Click the icon and complete the mission to move forward in the story. You can also explore around if you don’t want to do the mission right away.

Your Base

At your home base you can do various things. Depending upon your level you can unlock more ships for your fleet. Your fleet has several ship types including fighters, frigates, and corvettes. Once you buy a ship be sure to click on it so it’s deployed to your fleet provided you have the room in the fleet for your new ship. Click the tech tree tab and use the keys you receive for completing missions to unlock new ship components and other ships for the fleet. For each ship type you have several different options as you level up in the game. Upgrade your basic ships as soon as you can so you’re able to complete harder missions in the game. You can unlock upgrades to shields; beam weapons, missiles, and lasers in the game provided you have enough keys for the upgrades. The upgrades weapons will appear on the ship type it’s assigned to. For example, laser weapons can only be equipped on fighters.

Mining and Trading

On planets you can mine for the resources you need provided you have enough energy. Click on a planet and remove the pirates with your fleet before going to the surface to mine. Each time you mine you’ll use up an energy point. You can trade resources you don’t need from the trade button and let your Facebook friends know about resources you’re looking for. The game aslo features a black market where you can exchange goods for one you need but this will require some coins too and it’s more expensive since you need 10 of one resource to get one of the resource you need in the game.

Game Tips

Follow the misisons to learn more about the game.You can mine and explore a bit when not taking any misisons.Upgrade your ships at your base when you need more firepower.If you fail a misison, you usually just need a better ship to complete it or some weapon upgrades. Each new ship or upgrade requires tech keys so don't use them all at once on weak ships, save them for better ones later on. It's a good idea to have a fighter, corvette, and frigate in your fleet at all times to meet all pirate configurations you'll come across while playing .Be sure to mine, trade and use the black market to make full use of the game economy.

Galactic Allies is a Great Space Browser Game

Galactic Allies is a nice space exploration and mining game. the game is very new so new features should appear in time which will improve the game play. The story driven missions are a nice change of pace from just building a mine or collecting x number of resources. The game shows some promise and coiuld become one of the better space style games on facebook in the future. Send a message if you need help with the game.