How To Play Ravenskye City The Basics

Ravenskye City is from the developers of Ravenwood Fair another popular Facebook game. In this game your task is to rebuild your home city.  Along the way you’ll take various quests from your friends,  clean up vines, and rocks to build your great city in the clouds.  As you build structures you’ll need special loot items which can be found by clearing out the debris from around the area. You can decorate with various items and  farm for extra game income.

Ravenskye City Game Guide: Building Your New City

In the game you have several structures you can build. Each structure require parts to complete and you can get most of these from clearing out the area around where you want to place your building. Other parts are obtained by asking facebook friends for them. Many of the quests in the game will have you building different structures such as a workshop or home. You’ll start your adventures by building the base camp and then get started building others in the city. there's roads, trees, statues and other items so you can have a fine  looking city. You’ll find all the buildings under the build menu with more available as you start to progress in the game. As you play you’ll have to restore certain parts of the city. During game play you’ll learn more about Ravenskye City from notes that appear periodically which give the game a bit of a story feel to it. Adding buildings to your city adds to the story with each quest building upon the last one. Try to follow the quests as they appear instead to learn more about the game and get some nice rewards.

Clearing Debris

One of the main tasks you’ll need to accomplish in this game is clearing out the various rocks, vines, and other debrisso you’ll have room to build your new cloud city. As you remove debris you’ll gain coins, experience, and special loot items. You’ll also need energy to clear debris which recharges slowly as you play and you can get some as gifts from Facebook friends. To get more energy quickly visit Facebook friends or buy some more in the game store.  Monsters may appear as you clean up your city so get ready to fight them off.


As you play you’ll find items when you clear around the city. Some of these goodies go into the collections found in the game. Click the collections tab to view them which you’ll find under the “storage” tab in the main interface. Once you finish a collection you'll get a reward. The game doesn’t have many collections at the present time but this should change later on. In the game you can collect “patches” which are rewards for completing various tasks such as cutting down trees or achieving a city rank.


The game features some farming elements like other Facebook games. At the start you’ll get a couple of patches of land where you can raise crops such as skyberries. Crops will give you coin rewards when you collect them. Crops don’t work like other games you can only place a few in the beginning because the plots cost plenty of coins. Collect additional coins from clearing debris and from buildings. Some crops also give you special items such as stones that help you with the construction of various city structures.


When you clear debris you’ll run into monsters that frighten your population. Build structures called totems which clear a radius around your important buildings and keep the monsters at bay. Totems require coins, wood, and stone. Find wood and stone by clearing debris around your new city. Build new totems when you have free cash and resources in key locations around your city. You’ll start by building the ”battle newt” totem.

A City in the Sky

Ravenskye City is a great city builder with a very good story element to it. You won't feel like you're just randomly building some structure or taking a useless quest that brings you nowhere. The game does have the energy system which can be annoying at times since you always run out but you can get plenty of free energy as long as you have friends playing the game. Like most social games this sin't one that you can ghet very far at if you plan to play it alone. Bring some friends and try Ravenskye City its a decent game that looks great and more importantly plays great too. Sends some questions if you have any about this new Facebook game and look for more updates on the game coming soon. Note to parents, this game is also very kid friendly and one that they can play without any concern from parents.

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