FarmVille is a game that is found on Facebook. FarmVille is made by the company Zynga. It allows you to interact with your friends as you plow, plant and harvest your farm's crops on FarmVille.

If you like Farm Town, Country Story, Farm Land or the many other farming games found on Facebook, you'll love FarmVille.

Those who love The Sims game will also fall in love with FarmVille.


If you don't already have a Facebook account, create one by going to

Once you've created yourself a Facebook account, ask your friends if they're playing the game Farmville (FV). If they are, you can click the "Play Farm Ville Now" option under the posts made about their Farmville game.

If you don't have Facebook friends that play Farm Ville, you can still play the Farm Ville application! Log into your Facebook account.


At the bottom left hand corner of your screen there's a tab marked "applications." Click on it and enter "Farm Ville" into the search box. It will pull it up, no problem!

When Farm Ville is displayed click on it.


Before playing Farm Ville, you'll be asked to create a character.
Clothing, hairstyle, skin tone, eyes, nose, mouth, etc can all be chosen to most closely match you and your style.

After customizing your Farm Ville (FV) character, you're all set to play!


Farm Ville will begin by you being introduced to your farm.

You will be given six (6) plots to start with. Out of the six Farm Ville plots, four of them will have seeds already planted for you.

Farmville will also allow you 600 coins to begin your Farm Ville farming career with.

A brief tutorial is offered in this beginning stage of Farm Ville play. I suggest watching it as seeing the actual game in front of you with while watching the tutorial will be most helpful in helping you understand your way around The Farmville game.

By hovering over the crops you can see the growth percentage of each crop.


By hovering over the crops you can see the growth percentage of each crop.

When the crop is ready to harvest, click on it and the Farm Ville character that you have created will harvest it for you.

By clicking on the now empty plot of land, the Farm Ville character will plow it. The plowed land is now ready to be planted again.

To plant on the plowed land, click the plot once again. A list of available crops will be populated.

You will notice that the price, growing time and experience points earned from each crop differ. Which Farm Ville crop you choose to plant will depend on the following: The amount of Farmville (FV) coins that you have available to spend, the amount of time it will take for the crop to mature to harvesting stage and your preference.

Make sure you will be able to get back to your Facebook and Farmville game in time to harvest the crops that you choose. Otherwise, they'll wither and die. Sadly, if this happens you'll not be gain the profit or the experience points from crops that have gone to waste on Farmville.

Choose the Farm Ville crop that you would like to plant.

By clicking on the plowed plots of land, your Farm Ville farmer character will plant the chosen crop.


As you begin to gain a bit more coins on Farmville, it is a wise investment to add to the number of lots you can grow crops on.

To do this, you will need to utilize the Farm Ville (FV) plow tool. To use the plow tool, simple click on it.

Hover it over the area that you would like to place a new Farm Ville plot. You'll see a little shadow underneath that indicates the exact location the new plot will be placed. When you are happy with the placement of your new Farm Ville plot, click. You can now plow, plant and harvest on the new area. The more areas you have to plant on, the faster you will grow your Farm Ville fortune.


As your experience points go up, you will reach new levels on Farm Ville.

With each new level, new seeds, animals and decorations will be available to you.

Adding neighbors and helping them on their Farm Ville farms, buying decorations for your farm, plowing, planting and harvesting on Farmville all help you raise your experience points; allowing you to reach higher levels.

With achievements, you'll also receive Farm Ville coins and FarmVille ribbons.