How To Please Your Man Keep Him Coming Back For More


I get asked this question all the time from my female friends, "What makes a man happy?"  I tell them  all the same thing.  "Do the things you did to get your man!"  I know it sounds simple but its true.  Just like a lot of men, women stop doing the very things they did in the beginning to make their man fall in love in the first place. 


 Don't Stop

The number one way to keep your man coming back for more is to keep doing what you did in the beginning!  Most women stop kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc.  The quickest way to turn your man off is to flip the script once you know you got him.  Now that you are married or living together you no longer flirt with him, treat him to dinner once in a while or even worse, act like you're not interested in him at all.  Men despise this and sooner or later will shut down or go get another girlfriend.  When my girl and I first became friends she would come over anytime she could, sometimes at 2 am in the morning to talk with me and now that we live together she makes it a point to continue what she gave me in the beginning.  She cooked for me all the time at first and she still does!   This is the truth ladies:  Men need to know that you really appreciate us.  You will get out of your man what you are putting into him.  We are all ATM machines.  If you don't put any money in the bank, you can't withdraw anything from the ATM!  Our souls are the banks.  How can you expect to withdraw something from the ATM and you have not made a deposit!


My Conversation With A Close Girlfriend

One girlfriend of mine wondered why her husband had stopped bringing home flowers and just wanted to watch TV after a hard day at work.  She wanted to know why he won't spend time with her like he used to.   "Do you think he is doesn't love me any more?"  I told her "I hope not" but then I asked her some very direct questions.  "How often do you just sit with him and ask him whats on his mind and really listen to what he has to say?  How often do you do something special for him just because.  Do you still get all dolled up for him and wear his favorite dress?  When was the last time you did something he wanted to do?  These were just some of  the questions I asked.  By the time I finished the light bulb came on for her.  She began to realize that she had played a big part in the downward turn of her own marriage!  I began to explain to her that men are very simple creatures.  We like our women to let us know that we are very important to them.  We love the affection and attention we get from our women. 


Some More Tips To Please Him Today And Forever

1.  Tell your man you love him.  Look him in the eyes when you say it!  When my girl tells me she loves me in a very direct way she gets what she wants.

2.  Be Affectionate throughout the day.  This lets us know you like us.  That we are still handsome to you.  I love it when my lady gives me a hug for no reason.   When a woman lets her man know she is still interested in him,  his chest will expand and he will smile a little more.  He will be more willing to let her have her way.   Your affection is what we like.  Don't be afraid to be affectionate more often.

3. Let him know how much you appreciate him.  We love it when you let us know that life would be so much more difficult without us.  These kinds of words keep relationships strong.  Catch your man doing something good and write him a little thank you note and leave it in a clever place such as the dashboard in his car or on top of his wallet.  Let me tell you - if you want to get some attention this will get it for you.

4.  We don't need another mother.  Nagging is a problem.  We are grown.  Learn you man.  Study him.  Find out what buttons to push and not to push.  Let us be right some of the time.  When we want advice we'll ask you for it.  It is nothing worse than you always trying to tell us what to do!  Please be quiet for goodness sake.  We know women have a sixth sense but don't throw it around so much.  We are born to lead so let us!  The more you make us feel like a king the more you will get treated like a queen. 


Life Happens 

I know life happens.  Work, kids, finances and stress all play a major role in the day-to-day lives of couples.  Don't let those things come between you and your partner.  Those things will come and go but who do you grow old with?  A great relationship is hard work.  Life is too short to let outside forces stop us from doing what we know to do.  It's easy to love and show affection when times are good and the cash is flowing.  But what kind of women are you when the job is lost, or the money is tight?  The woman who remains consistently kind, loving and affectionate during the hard times will be cherished by the man who loves her.